• Karara

    SHARE THIS POST:KARARA THE BALOGUN OF ILORIN A TRADITIONAL AFRICAN POETRY Tell them not to flaunt Modakeke to his ears Tell them not to recite that Oyo has western strength Let them not gasconade latosisa in his presence Karara will trample cities with a single step. Tell them if not for him that wrecked the ...
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    SHARE THIS POST:Every lady in the house, Trying to be someone else, Try to be you, You are all that is true. Dark and light, brown and mixed, Colours don’t matter, Shades don’t decide, Who is maid or leader. I choose new if thats all left to be, Do you want to be you, Think ...
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    SHARE THIS POST:I was told a story and it reminds me of you So I’mma tell you my one sided love. Everyday before I sleep I try to imagine how you spent the day and if I ever Crossed your mind, cause I’m sure out of a hundredth thoughts well you have 50 percent. I ...

    SHARE THIS POST:THE WRITER’S PLEA.   Have you seen a spring before? Can you remember how water comes naturally to the surface? I seek to live my life as free And voice my feelings and convictions without prejudice.   My mouth, my beautiful mouth is broken Instead of soothing and truthful words, I speak bloody ...
  • Boko Haram

    SHARE THIS POST:BOKO HARAM – UBAH CHETACHUKWU Looking behind… Behind the headlines of suicide Bombs set off on road sides To what lays deeper inside Boko Haram, we pray that This pain and struggle would one day subside Innocents falling like birds Unprotected by the so-called laws Innocents hunted down without a cause Many a ...

    SHARE THIS POST:CLOSE YOUR EYES AND FEEL GOD’S LOVE – JANNA ONYEMAOBI Close your eyes and try to sleep, Close your eyes and travel to the world of dreams, Close your eyes. When the night falls, Loneliness comes. Close your eyes and feel his love, Close your eyes. God’s love is sometimes like a wind, ...

    SHARE THIS POST:THE GARDEN CITY – CHARLENE CHIAMAKA CHIKEZIE In 1913, a great city was born Out of the heart of the southern Nigeria- Rivers State Initially for the sole purpose of coal exportation Gradually and ever so consistently, they blossomed In diverse directions; they sprouted Waxing stronger; industrially and commercially Exalting the nation; financially ...
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    SHARE THIS POST:HIS HEART – ADEGBITE ARINOLA AND ADERIBIGBE INIOLUWA HIS HEART Only when your heart beats Mine won’t stop producing heat Only in your beating heart Our memories are down to earth All in our own image Those sound won’t stop We’re the architect of our own misfortune We have to dance to this ...
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    SHARE THIS POST:CAMPFIRE IN THE SKY – ELIZABETH OLOJEDE Campfire in the Sky; A lonely retreat of my mind To a place of solace and quiet. Where my mind no longer absolves The merry laugh and voices of the crowd that surrounds With a void that remains within Campfire in the Sky; A total surrender ...
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    SHARE THIS POST:The Pains Of Being Human Sometimes The hurt we feel makes tears too sweet and Crying to easy, and all you can give is a bitter smile. Anxiety, worry, fear of the unknown, depression are psychological torments That are never far from humans, Sometimes life’s woes get so bad and all you can ...