• Nigerian Peppered Gizzards

    Nigerian Peppered Gizzards is the ”Nigerian-style stewed gizzards”. It is popularly known as a ”small chop” (finger food) and served as an appetizer at parties and other festive events.     It is also a big favorite in most homes; usually served on skewers and enjoyed as a dish by itself or with  rice recipes, ...
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    Fonio looks like the next cereal that will take the food scene by storm. A visit to Jos, Plateau state and you might fall in love with Fonio also called Acha locally. With its great nutritional qualities and short cooking time, Fonio (Acha) is a cereal that should be featured more regularly in our meals. ...
  • Stewed Beans (Èwà Rírò)

    Nigerian Stewed Beans (Èwà Rírò) is a Nigerian Beans recipe made with Honey or Black Eyed Beans. Stewed Beans is quite similar to the popular Beans Pottage, the main difference being the addition of fresh pepper. Today, on Woven Recipe we are supplying you with the knowledge you need to be able to prepare Nigerian ...
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    Jollof rice is a dish popular with many West African countries, and you certainly can’t fault this dish when cooked right.  Traditional jollof rice is always a hit, but do you know there are so many other tasty variations? One example is coconut jollof rice. Coconut Jollof rice, is almost the same thing with the ...
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    Kunnu, a non-alcoholic beverage produced from tigernuts and spices (ginger, cloves, red and black pepper) the method of preparation of the drink is described below. Tigernut milk is also known as “Kunnu” in the Northern part of Nigeria, “Offio” by Yorubas and referred to as “horchata de chufa” in Spain. Unlike milk made from almonds ...
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    Egusi (also known by variations including agusi, agushi) is the name for the fat- and protein-rich seeds of certain cucurbitaceous plants (squash, melon, gourd), which after being dried and ground are used as a major ingredient in West African cuisine. Egusi soup does not just benefit your stomach, it is a healthy meal rich in iron, ...
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    Welcome to Woven Recipes, today we’re giving you an outstanding recipe by teaching you how to prepare beans and yam pottage. Beans known as Ewa to the Yorubas are unpopular staple foods because it is associated with bloating, flatulence and indigestion. Most people have one reason or the other why they do not eat beans. ...
  • Coconut fried rice

    Coconut fried rice is another delicious variation of the basic fried rice. It is quite easy to prepare and always a welcomed change from the usual Nigerian fried rice. INGREDIENTS FOR COCONUT FRIED RICE 21/2 cups of rice (I used 400g tin to measure) 400g homemade or shop bought coconut milk Chicken stock Mixed vegetables ...
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    A RECIPE FOR BURABISCO OR BRABISCO Burabisco or brabisco is a traditionally made couscous meal common to Northern Nigeria, especially in Maiduguri, Burabisco is loved and enjoyed by many. Usually paired with spicy stew of meat and vegetables, its rich ingredients categorize it among luxurious dishes in the region.   INGREDIENTS 1 cup of garri ...
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    RECIPE FOR ASARO “Asaro”, as it is called in Yoruba, is a yam porridge. It is a very popular Nigerian mashed Yam and Tomato stew infused dish. Some people also like adding vegetables to it. Today on My Woven Words! You will learn how to prepare a mouth-licking, palatable Nigerian recipe… You can and will ...