Johnson Adé Okùnadé, is a young, passionate Techpreneur, ICT Expert, Lifestyle/Travel Blogger, and a proud enthusiast of African indigenous culture with so much passion for creating world-class online content. No doubt, he is imprinting his footprints on the sands of time.

After founding My Woven Words in 2016 as an undergraduate in his 200 level, he created a team of creative writers and innovators known as “Woven Family”.

Woven Family
Johnson and “Woven Family”, Bowen University Iwo, Nigeria in 2019

Johnson believes that if we are saying “NO” to drug abuse and all other social vices, we should occupy our youths with creative writing competitions that award impressive and tempting cash prizes!

With this in mind, he got the approval of Bowen University, Iwo to lead “Woven Family” in organizing Bowen Woven Words Competition. Bowen Woven Words Competition was a writing competition for Bowen University from Feb – May 2018.

After that, he took it a step further by leading the “Woven Family” in organizing another writing competition in Osun state.

With the approval of the Osun State ministry of education Osogbo, My Woven Words organized OSCA Woven Words Competition; a writing competition for undergraduates of tertiary institutions in Osun state from Aug 2018-Mar 2019.

For his Bs.C., Johnson Okunade studied computer science at Bowen University, Iwo. Asides from being a blogger, he develops Websites and tutors on ICT.

In July 2020, he started the now-defunct, Woven eBooks; a world-class online platform where people had access to numerous electronic books. The Ebook website was focused on providing a vast range of electronic books that cuts across all fields; Unlimited access to rare and enjoyable eBooks on a platter of Gold. Woven eBooks was discontinued in 2021.

On the 22nd of February 2022, he started; an independent medium for up-to-date happenings, gossip, news, around Jos, and a repository of history, culture, music, food/recipe of the Plateau people.

Johnson Okunade loves blogging about Culture. He is on a quest to promote various noble cultural heritage through online publications and blogging.

Occasionally, he collaborates with traditional figures on appropriate cultural documentaries. Often, He visits royal fathers and reputable elders with an adequate reservoir of knowledge on the subject of African indigenous culture.

He has created and promoted numerous rare cultural contents on the “Woven Culture” and “Woven History” category of the blog, My Woven Words, Inside Jos, and across different social media platforms, most especially Facebook.

He has been on tour visiting different cultural/historical sites in places like Oyo, Iseyin, Awe, Lanlate, Eruwa, Abeokuta, Ago-Iwoye, Iwo, Osogbo, Iresa-Apa, Okin-Apa, Ado-Awaye, Jos and Ogbomoso among others on his quest to create a verified and reliable online content.

Asides from being a dedicated blogger, he is also a humanitarian who believes life is not a “brief candle” but It is a sort of splendid torch which we have got hold of for the moment, he believes in making it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.

Johnson Okunade has done cultural projects with Oba Prof Akinola John Akintola, Oba Oláfimíhàn Olayinka, and Oba Alhaji Abdul-Lateef Olawuyi Olagoke among other traditional rulers and prominent public figures.

After “obeying the clarion call” at Saint Gentles Computers and Communications Ltd, he decided to stay back in Jos, Plateau state where he currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Morrebs ICT Solutions Limited.

Morrebs Team

Morrebs is a Nigerian private ICT company focused on providing cutting-edge ICT Solutions to individuals and organizations. Established in November 2020, the ICT Company is committed to serving with dignity and respect while positioning itself as the preferred ICT solutions provider, hence eventually posed to emerge as the backbone of ICT solutions in Nigeria and the diaspora. Morrebs ICT Solutions Limited is aimed at addressing the present and future innovative needs of ICT with our cutting-edge tech solutions. The ICT firm is also well-positioned to help individuals and organizations attain sustainable and consistent growth by deploying top-notch knowledge in technology to facilitate superior value, as well as solve real-life problems by providing ICT solutions.

Sogidi Lake
Johnson Okunade at Sogidi lake, Awe, the lake is believed it has a mermaid and lots of other mysteries attached to it

Content is king, My Woven Words as a platform focuses on the online publication of genuine and verified content. Our motto is: “we only write what is right”

We visit historical sites and esteemed individuals with a reliable reservoir of knowledge to create the contents we publish.

This requires money. Furthermore, we spend a lot from maintaining the blog to promoting the contents across the globe. Your Donations will go a long way in keeping us afloat. You can Donate here on our website. No amount is small!

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