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My Woven Words is an online platform with the sole purpose of promoting and providing quality lifestyle content on a platter of gold. It was founded in 2016 by Johnson Ade Okunade as an undergraduate of Computer Science in Bowen University, Iwo. Today, it is one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria as a great repository of awesome and propelling write-ups.

In 2017 He put together a team of fellow undergraduates of Bowen University, Iwo, Nigeria known as Woven Family, and together they started creating Lifestyle content. My Woven Words organized Bowen Woven Words Competition a writing competition for Bowen University in 2018, the winners were given a cash prize of ₦20,000 which was presented by the then Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Matthews Ojo on Wednesday, 2nd of May, 2018.

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After the success of the Bowen Woven Words Competition, My Woven Words decided to take it a step further by organizing a writing competition for the undergraduates of tertiary institutions in Osun state. The writing competition, Osca Woven Words Competition was approved by the Osun Ministry of Education with the then Permanent Secretary Mr. Festus Olajide writing all the Vice-Chancellors, Rectors, and Provost of the tertiary in Osun State to inform them of the competition.

The theme for the Osca Woven Words Competition was: The Tenacity of Nigerian Youths in National Development and Leadership Roles. The competition was open to the undergraduates of tertiary institutions in Osun from September 24 – December 21, 2018. After which the entries were assessed and the three winners won a cash prize of ₦100,000. All the contestants also got a certificate of participation.

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As of July 2021, My Woven Words Boast of more than 1,500 lifestyle blog posts/articles which makes it a world-class platform where everyone access loads of Historical/cultural content | Poems | Short stories | Contents on Health and Personal Hygiene | Old/Rare Music Download | Isese Music Download | African Folktales | Motivation | Food Recipes | Biographies | Interviews | Relationship Tips and Advice and much more exquisite, best write-up ever. All the contents are verified, detailed, and well-written.

Genuine and verified historical/cultural contents

We function to serve humanity, by feeding everyone’s soul with words, woven in a way that makes an intellectual soul reach an unspeakable magnitude of apexed saturation.

We encourage, help and promote upcoming writers by posting there write-ups on our platform for free.

We also celebrate and promote veteran writers by posting there write-ups on our platform for free.

We celebrate your birthday and that of your loved ones for the whole world to know how special you and you loved ones are

We host a forum on this platform where writers can connect all over the world.

We advertise products, services, events, investments, etc at an affordable price.


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Content is king, My Woven Words as a platform focuses on the online publication of genuine and verified content. Our motto is: “we only write what is right”

We visit historical sites and esteemed individuals with a reliable reservoir of knowledge to create the contents we publish.

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