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RnB Singer, Adeoluwa released his debut album, ‘After Bells and Whistles’ on the 10th of August, 2019. Before the album release, Adeoluwa gave a comforting reception to crown nation members with a befitting listening party at Bourbon House Café, Lagos. Some of the featured artistes on this album like Beloved Moses and Mallz were attendees. Also, important personalities like Rooboy and Kemi Smallz were part of the guests in attendance. All songs were produced by Brian Okwesilieze ( Braynezee) while the mixing and mastering were done by Nakedbeatz.

‘The Sound’ opens up a smooth style of RnB with a good rate of production level. It is a 36-second long track and one special thing about this opening track is that it is made to glue listeners to the sound, then unlocking other parts that are yet to be unravelled.

‘Let me in’ shows a state of vertigo between moving forward or turning back. ‘Let me in’ is one of the pre-released track on the album and released to all available platforms in November 2018.

‘Dey Forever’ features Koreey and Chris, bounces with a groovy and friendly sound. Adeoluwa maximizes his opportunity to create art round individuals he has been friends with for a long period. This is one of the tracks on the album filled with a whole lot of genres. It starts with a country music rhythm then thereafter mashed up with electronic/pop instrumentation. Moving deep into the soul of the track, reggae progression can be easily identified. Koreey, is a prolific On-Air personality and her vocal contribution on the record proved effective.


Adeoluwa turns his creative process from being an artiste to an artist in the track, ‘Coloured In’. There is a spectrum placed as a fulcrum in the track to separate the different shades and feeling he has been into at different periods. Mallz breaks his feeling down in both English and indigenous languages.

‘Mo’s Song’ and ‘Never Show it’ are the tracks Adeoluwa put his most personal thought of love experience. ‘Mo Song’ draws heavy influence from Frank Ocean, ‘Moon River’ which is an ode to wanderlust and a desire to find new opportunities in a different land. Adeoluwa brings it down to a love traveller seeking the truth on how to be close or far away from the love he truly seeks. Adeoluwa also uses Frank Ocean’s influence with the off key style of singing to the progressive atmosphere for listeners to dive into. ‘Never Show it’ featuring Tonni is a great piece of art for a duet performance.

‘S’okan’ is undoubtedly the best track on the album with 1,000 apple listens and more than 500 Soundcloud streams. Also, an official video trailer has been dropped; the video is expected to be out soon. C.A.L’s massive impact on the track is evidently noticed on the track. #Turninown has a distinct element of trap sound in it to make it more interesting to listen to.


The album eclipses into a twist of hope and old times which paints a shade of beautiful trauma on everyone’s mind on the track ‘Those Days Are Gone’ with Beloved Moses. It is one of the most conscious tracks on the album which carries a beautiful theme that is not found on everyday music. Beloved Moses announced his intention to retire from music some days before Adeoluwa’s album announcement and according to him, this track will be his last recorded track and the 40 seconds mark moment on the track for Beloved proved to be one of the most thoughtful and introspective piece of art from the retired rapper.


On the album, every artiste can convey that the story behind it’s  creation as a true piece of art. Authenticity and track consistency is a major highlight from this album. Another interesting point about this album is the smooth synergy between the producers and the artistes which have sufficiently been able to cover the popular stain labelled for most new acts which is the production aspect. Adeoluwa has been able to learn a lot from his previous projects and also improved his craft to release a better and more improved body of work.

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