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WhatsApp Group
One of the notable social media platform is WhatsApp. It is a platform where messages, photos, audio files, video files, contacts and documents are sent and received. However, there are lessons we can learn from WhatsApp group. Some of them are as follows:
• WhatsApp logo is green. Hope your pasture is still green?

  1. Life is like a WhatsApp group, God is the group admin, who can add or remove any one. With his mercy, we are still in the group (alive), thank God for that.
  2. There will be indication that someone left the group which other members will see. E.g. Tola left. When your friends are already out of the way, if you are sensitive enough, you will know.
  3. The person that leaves the group will never see any message on that group again. When you are not align, you will be blind and deaf spiritually.
  4. The group admin has the right to add members as admin or still remove them as admin. God himself choose people as leaders in different fields, if you fail, he can replace you with another one. Be a vessel unto honour.
  5. Apart from what the admin put on the group, you have the chance to private-chat the admin. Apart from what you hear in church among other brethrens, do you even have time to go to him personally i.e. to private chat God?
  6. People can join a group through the invite link that a member of the group has sent to them. How many invite links have you sent to people? No wonder, people are unable to join the family of God through you.
  7. When you check any group, you will always see yourself as the last person. That’s a great lesson, let others come first in your diary. Love your neighbor as yourself.
  8. After downloading a picture on the group, you have the choice to delete it. Hearing the word of God is not the problem, but do you put it in practice or you delete it from the memory of your heart?
  9. Every group will have group icon and the subject. As christians, our icon and message is Christ because we are His representatives.
  10. You may be on the group and you choose not to read messages there. Or you may read the messages and not react to it. You are in church but you may gain nothing in the service. Be attentive. Focus on what matters.
  11. Some people will contribute and some will not. Contribute to the things of God. It is a form of service unto Him.
  12. Members of the group will not see messages at the same time. Make sure you are in tune with God. God will reveal things to you only when you are online.
  13. Without network you can never be online and you will not see messages. There is a role to be played by you. Holy spirit is the network you need.
  14. Even without the admin removing some people, they will still leave the group because we all have choice, may you never leave the presence of God.

Please comment, which number touches you most. God bless.

Written By
Oladipupo Oluwatobi (Superlight)

Produced By
Omotayo Adegboye
Akande Temiloluwa

Superlight International Communications Network (SICON)

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