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One of the main sources of water in Africa is the well. The essence of a well is to provide water for humanity. There are lessons we can learn from the well to help us this month. Some of them are:

  • You need to dig the soil to get water in your well. Water is under the ground and the means to get to it is by digging up a well. The process of digging is not an easy task. Are you also digging the well of prosperity, fame, leadership, honour, connection and great endowment? My friend, keep digging. Nothing precious is kept on the surface of the earth, they are under the ground, so you need to dig deep. Are you digging deep in your academics, finances, walk with God, personal development? Gold, water, marble, crude oil are precious resources found in the earth, so to get them you need to keep digging. And believe me you, you need to dig deep.
  • Wells are always covered. Though not all wells are covered but good ones are covered. Anything that’s precious that is not covered or protected is more or less useless. The essence of covering is to prevent dirty things, germs and other unsafe things to defile the well. How much do you cover yourself as a lady? Uncovered things are worthless. How much do you keep the secret of your life? Most people carelessly share out their secrets to people that will use it against them. How much do you cover yourself?
  • Another thing is, you can only get water from the well when you have the right instrument. Most people are at this stage in life, where they have laboured and just need to reap what they have planted but they lack the right tool. You must get a fetcher/drawer [Ifami (Yoruba), buga (Hausa)] to access the water. Look for the right tools to use in life e.g. prayers, sound advice, good character, hard work etc to get to the El Dorado. In selecting this, first, you must take a look at how deep the well is, in order to get the right tool for drawing water from the well.
  • Lastly, not all wells are well. There are some wells that people have abandoned due to one reason or the other. Will you fetch water from a well which had been contaminated?

Therefore, safeguard your well to make it well, because not all wells are well. I pray it will be well with you.

Join us next month as we extrapolate another topic.

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Written by:
Oladipupo Oluwatobi(Superlight)

Adegboye Omotayo and Akande Temiloluwa

Superlight International Communications Network (SICON)

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