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Road to BGT Grand Finale 2

Prior to Saturday 6th of April, 2019, doubt had been raised by the BGT committee about holding the semi-final of Bowen Got Talent due to the programme that had been scheduled by the Bowen counselling unit to hold. This change of plan led to the delay of the prestigious competition. The semi-final of the competition witnessed a tremendous turn around with the drama and exciting performances by the contestants. So many talented participants’ opportunity was cut short by not steeping into the grandest stage of the competition which is the final.

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The event kicked off with performances from respective groups headed by different coaches which are Faith, Michael and Anita. The performances by the three groups lifted a great spirit of what an exciting semi-final will be like. Isioma who was the first act to perform gave an inspiring piece with the use of words which was highly applauded by viewers and judges. Other acts followed like Oma, Jessica.


The event became more intensified with the duet performance from Shades in which the judges enjoyed the stunning duo with their fusion of oldies form of sound. Chidi’s stellar performance with the drama in between became an essential part of the event. Isaac was meticulous with the theme the semi-final had been centred on which is ‘’Pain and hope’’. In his gentle state as a performer, he gave a rousing performance. Superstar extended their creativity and improved their craft with the stunning performance of ‘See You Again’ and there was great admiration for the last member of the group who could not perform.

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Ojechenemi successfully changed the whole mood and atmosphere for herself to conveniently create a message based on Domestic Violence and Rape. From the start of the 2019 BGT edition, Ebun has consistently based her performances on instrumentals with the regular fusion of minors and slight technicality. She continues to grow her worth into becoming a gifted vocalist.

Road to BGT Grand Finale 6

Jealous by labyrinth is the kind of song that shows the different phases of love and the pain that makes it up. Dominion continues his consistent use of his vocals with piano accompaniment.

Performing acts like Jhay Thiy and Ifinhan set the bar so high with their stunning performance that most subsequent acts that followed could not reach it. Jhay Thiy systematically based his piece on domestic violence and paints a true picture on how this form of unacceptable act is found in some relationships. He puts the story on the point of view of a friend who could not do enough to stop the ill-treatment of his beloved female friend. Ifinhan showcase of pain and hope was categorically based on the song, ‘When I was your man’ by Bruno Mars. It became so evident that he was not only talented as a performer but he proved to be fans’ favourite

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At the end of the semi-final, eleven contestants went through to the final which is scheduled to hold on the 27th of April, 2019. The contestants will be judged based on delivery, message and performance to hit the top spot and enter BGT history books. Who will it be?

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