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You know that stuff they say about finding your soulmate and how that person will be perfect for you?

  I think everyone does find their soulmate but most of us don’t recognize it when it’s starring us right in the face, we go around doing the wrong things and dating the wrong people for so long that we eventually end up living polarly different lives from the one we were meant to be with.

    The first basic rule is to understand yourself. Knowing yourself is not so black and white or cut and dry like the way you know 1+1 will always equal 2. Knowing yourself is more of a subconscious thing, and it’s so evident that most people don’t really know this because you’ll meet people who will tell you their favourite color is purple, turquoise or blue, but you’ll check their wardrobe or personal items only to discover that they barely possess anything in this colors they claim are their favorites. It doesn’t just suffice to say; “oh! blue is my favorite color!”. Want to know what your true favorite color is? Pick out all your clothing and personal items note down their colors. The most recurring colour your favourite.

  So, apply this same principle to your people circle. Don’t be with someone because you think that’s who you should be with, or because that’s who people assume fits the bill of whom you could hang with. Test it out. Hang with a couple of your friends. Who did you feel most relaxed with? Who can you picture in your future? Who do you think would make the best impact and impression while also helping you walk and work towards your life goals? Then these are the people you should be with. Being in a toxic relationship, platonic or romantic, does not general imply that this person is a bad person. You both could just be mutually wrong for each other. So go out into the world. Find your soulmate. Live beautiful lives so you can die fulfilled, because, best believe people, one day death will come knocking…and your only regret should be that you couldn’t get to be young forever with the people you love and not that you spent your life around people you could let your hair down with.


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