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Guidelines (April Edition)

Name: Epitome of fame or Shame( Part 3)

When you hear the name Martin Luther King, what comes to your mind?
When you hear the name Christano Ronaldo, what comes to your mind?
When you hear the name Jesus Christ, what comes to your mind?
When you hear the name Abraham Lincoln, what comes to your mind?
When you hear the name Jonah in the Bible, what comes to your mind?
When you hear the name Adolf Hitler, what comes to your mind?
When you hear the name Devil, what comes to your mind?
I am sure different things came to mind when you saw those different names, be it good or bad due to what they have done on earth. So your name is attached to your achievements and exploits in life. What will you do to put your name in the heart of men.
My dear, when people hear your name, what will come to the fore of their thoughts? Oh, you don’t know? Let me tell you that something will first come to mind, though not everyone but those who know you, so what’s that?

Elliot’s Story (Contd)

The question Elliot asked was this: have you preached or prayed today? The police officer was speechless recollecting the last time he preached. The only time he did was to argue about Scriptures and men of God, which yielded no fruit. He thought, ‘how can a drunkard and suspected thief be saying this?’ At that moment, he believed that, there must be a mix up somewhere, as he saw Elliot as innocent.
Twenty minutes later, the station was filled up with Elliot’s neighbours. Officer James was eager to hear from them, maybe they have arrested the wrong person, but to his surprise, all of them shouted that Elliot is the prime suspect. Officer James went to the cell, Elliot was called and had a conversation with him. After the conversation, he realized that Elliot is a Christian but filled with ungodly characters. He explained to the Area Commander that Elliot was not even around when the money went missing. Before he finished his explanation, another officer entered who disclosed that a man among the neighbours that accused Elliot of stealing had been found with the money, somewhere close to the biggest church in their area. The Area
Commander ordered the release of Elliot and prosecuted the other man instead.
Officer James advised Elliot to amend his ways and change his characters to redeem his spoilt name. Elliot wept and thanked Officer James for his immense contribution to his case.
From that day onwards, Elliot changed totally but left the area because of what they have known him with in that area.
Elliot suffered for the sin he never committed. Just because of what he had been doing before. His name was an epitome of shame for him. Who are you? What do people know you with? It is good to be good.


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