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Name: Epitome of Shame or Fame (Part 2)

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In the last edition, I explained the importance of name as a means of identification. The name is powerful than the person himself because the name will continue to exist even when the person is no more. Many people have passed on but their names live longer on earth than them. Your name is the function of your actions, therefore, it can bring shame or fame to you.

Last time on ……..
Story of Eliot
All refers to Eliot as bad guy with Satan as his godfather. The reason is that he is an embodiment of lies, theft, vandalism, smoking, drinking and all sexual crimes. Once there is any problem or missing item, all eyes will be on him. One day, the daughter of a popular businessman came to the area and her #200,000 was missing. As she raised the alarm, neighbours around were mocking the lady, all fingers pointing to Eliot, even when he wasn’t around. Do you think Eliot is the thief? The lady informed the police, what later happened?


The Story of Elliot ( Contd)
Elliot came back late that evening, drunk as usual without having the understanding of what had happened in his absence. He was singing as he staggered home. The police were already waiting for the prime suspect people have been talking about. One of them listened carefully to the song Elliot was singing but it was already late in the night, he was unable to see him clearly. To him, the song is clue enough to know the kind of person coming. He signaled to others and Elliot was apprehended.
Even in the police car, Elliot kept on singing (ma jaye oni o, mi ko meyin ola o) a yoruba song which translates that he will enjoy himself even if he doesn’t have the knowledge of what the future holds.
It was around 5am that Elliot realized he was already in police custody. His shout attracted the police on duty to check him in the cell. Elliot asked the Police officer a question that made him silent and dumbfounded. He was thinking about what Elliot asked him. He left the cell weeping bitterly in his heart. What can be the question a drunkard asked officer James whom his colleagues usually call Pastor( due to how he does among them and how he do explain the Scriptures to them). The question is…….. The next edition of Guidelines will tell us.
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