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Bowen Got Talent fifth edition starts with the theme, ‘Bursting with Talent’. One of the inspiring highlight that started this year’s edition was time dedication the BGT team showed. The event started few minutes past 12 in the afternoon and the guest judges who started the auditions were Babatunmise, Ernest Eyor

Popular songs from A’ list artistes like Tasha Cobbs, Asa, Westlife were performed by some of the contestants. An eye-catching effect is the introduction of unique acts into the BGT catalogue of creative youngsters. There were new acts like Artist (painter), Trumpeter, and percussionists.

The first stage of the 2019 edition ushered in familiar faces like Chidi, Dominion, Ijeoma, Adeola who at one point in time had been contestants in previous BGT editions.

The audition stage had its good, bad and ugly moment. The forty minutes granted to the Artist to draw her piece while other contestants performed seemed like an endless adventure for the artist which ended inspiring and quite convincing to the extent of qualifying her to the next stage.


Omar proved to be one of the contestants to deserve an early push into the next stage by delivering her craft as a singer with the slight element of a rap style. Creating a category for a rapper-singer will be a swift drive for BGT’s innovation as Bowen’s foremost and most important event.

Dominion’s vocal proficiency showed an extent to which he has made a measurable growth from his last performance at the 2017 edition of BGT.

There were also new contestants who surprisingly showed a convincing performance as first timers on Bowen’s biggest stage. Performers like Isaac, Superstar, Fiyin, Toyosi & co, Favour might end up as fans favourite in the subsequent stages of the competition.


Every category was presented with talented minds that would be great enough to take over the big stage. The two contestants for the Spoken Words category were described as one of BGT’s finest to ever represent this category.

Chisom’s stellar performance of the song ‘Ave Maria’ may divert one’s mind to BGT 2018’s first runner up, Elsie who rose up to the rank as an inspiring opera singer. Will this similar situation be witnessed in this year’s edition?

A song conveyed into the mind of the judges was the limited delivery of a gospel song like Tasha Cobbs ‘For your glory’ from contestants who performed the song; it was rather sung in a casual way. There was an immeasurable form of distance between the singer and the audience. In essence, it was not made relatable enough.


The opening stage of the 2019 of Bowen Got Talent has promised a lot of brain bursting talent and this will surely extend to other stages of the competition.

By Ogunleye Oluwakorede

About Me Ogunleye Oluwakorede writes mainly on entertainment, history and socio-economic matters. He has previously released works like album reviews and content information. He is also a music critic and analyst particularly on Nigerian music entertainment.


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