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Everything’s blur with tears
Silly old hopes
Silly tricky dose
Let my thoughts move on
Leaving you behind
To wallow in ignorance
For you don’t deserve me.
If I could gather enough courage
To ask why you let go of my hand,
But what is left of me in this lifeless
Body of mine, bleeding in the tub,
Starring at the mirror,
Tears under the shower
My eyes open, speakers moaning
Sorrowfully to my ears.
Waiting for the grim reaper
To beseech my soul.
Everytime I want to look at nothing
All I see is you.
Your fake smile that weakens
My heart and soul.
Part of us has died and has begun to rot And decay.
When we cease to exist
Then Our memories will fade
Our bones will turn to mud
And everything will be as it was
As it it never were
And is never going to be.
In the end, what happened to us?

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By Adegbite Arinola

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As a Poet, I don’t want anything but a place in everyone’s heart.

Love you all

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