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“Imagination gives birth to things unknown but the writer’s pen turns them into shapes and gives to them living breaths.”


The 2018 OSCA WOVEN WORDS COMPETITION was organized by My Woven Words  and it was only for undergraduates of tertiary institutions in Osun State as approved by the ministry of education, Osun state. There were Terms and Conditions for contestants.

OSCA Woven Words Competition remains the “first-of-its-kind” and “one-of-its-kind” in Osun state, Nigeria. To avoid Conflicts of Interest, we reached out to a number of unbiased scholars in a university outside Osun State to assess the submitted manuscripts and select the best contestants. All the contestant got a certificate of participation and some of the submitted manuscripts were selected for online publication.

TOPIC: The Tenacity of Nigerian Youths in National Development and Leadership Roles.


A structure must precede any form of development and a sustainable development has its foundation laid on a sound and solid structure, a basic principle which I would like to correlate as I elaborate my ideas relating to this subject.

The history of a nation is the story of it’s aged, the future of the country is the conduct of the youths, the present, the labors of the past and now. By addressing the issue of structure first, I hope to put things in perspective.

There was plenty, this is an undebatable fact as narrated by the writers of history. The investments made by those that had foresight ushered in the days of much, unfortunately this was not replicated by those that benefitted then. There was no structure for sustenance and countries that didn’t have nearly as much left us behind within the space of a few decades. The resources are still there but due to the lack of effective management Nigeria is in it’scurrent state of pity. Here’s a country blessed by nature but this might as well be our nemesis. When there’s an issue with the land, the people unite to ensure survival but a problem with the people is the greatest challenge. If nature withdrew her support, maybe we’d appreciate the blessings we take for granted. Our profound ability to adapt may also play a role in hampering our progress, survival creates an illusion and breeds laxity and as such we don’t realize our motion is brownian. However, do we prioritize progress before survival?

Widespread enlightenment is partly responsible for the acts of the youths seen today. Youths have interesting ideas for progress and truly many could serve as a path towards it, this then makes you wonder why the government responsible for bringing progress is clueless, is this necessarily true? This introduces the next part of this write-up.

Are leaders born or built?. From time immemorial, it’s been recorded that kings were of royal blood and nurtured to be leaders, whilst some excelled others led the kingdoms to ruin. In recent times, people strive to reach these positions while some have ithanded to them. What truly defines a leader? Intelligence?  Wealth? Is democracy the best form of government in a country where a good number are uninformed? A leader I believe is one who knows how to bring progress reconciling intelligent ideas and bringing them to fruition, the qualities they should possess is the same that has been taught since ancient times. Having said this, is the involvement of the youths definitely going to bring progress?

Are the youths the young men within a defined group or the youngest amidst the aged? The youths understand and know how to bring progress as evident by concrete plans proposed on how to attain significant development. Youths are starting NGOs aimed at addressing prevailing problems in the society , widespread community projects tackling issues as indicated by the SDGs, occupying various positions to influence developments at all levels, vying for offices at all strata to serve in the positons of leadership but it’s equally  important to recognizewhat serves as the impetus for those vying for such positions. Are their intentions pure and just? The tenacity has to be founded on loyalty to the nation that wavers at no point, personal interests excluded lest we continue to experience lections even at the youth level marred by violence, irresponsible individuals in offices clueless about the positions they hold. Where there is no meaningful structure there can be no meaningful development. The current structure allows a recycle of like character, their minions filling these spaces and so in essence nothing actually changes. Some youths are taking another initiative and leaving in search of greener pastures while our flag shouts green. Tackling the fundamental problem is the way forward lest we continue in this cycle that leads to ruin.

The youths crave development in the nation and through occupying leadership roles they hope to make an impact. This write-up is a part of my tenacity as I hope to stimulate young minds and give direction. Unity and Faith, peace and progress is our watchword and I hope we follow through with this in our sojourn. The labors of our heroes past shall not be in vain.




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