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  I see a New Nigeria Today!

Ojeme Isioma

I see it clearly, it’s beyond what words can explain and far more of what the eyes can see. If only we would believe. There will come a time when no one will live in insecurity (mark these words). There is coming a time when all hearts will be filled with love. I am not writing this because I want you to know me, it is because I want you to believe it. I tell you, it is strong in my Spirit. Our humanity is greatly blessed by God but we have chosen to live in suffering. I have one thing to beg of us; if we would not pray for our Nation Nigeria, let us not reign curses on her either. Our words mean the most to our Land. I see a New Nigeria, so peaceful, so beautiful. We are united and represent ourselves well. Our Maker, our Source, our Father is willing to take us there. But the question is, are we willing to follow His lead? We are the most blessed of over 50 Nations, we are highly favoured by God! I know that you are likely to see this and say to yourself; “we have seen things like this a thousand times”. But can I tell you that now is the time? Can I tell you that our Prayers have been heard? Can I tell you that our Maker has come to us? Can I tell you that all He desires is for us to come to Him? Can I tell you that we are great? I know very little or nothing about politics and so I cannot and would not even tell you who to vote for, besides, that is your choice to makeand I am not writing politics, I am writing prophecy. I must tell you that our Maker is raising up the one He Himself has chosen to lead us and nothing can hinder this. But we must believe to receive. It is right here! All we need to do, is open our eyes. I see a New Nigeria where our Green truly represents fruitfulness and fertility and our White represents Purity. In that time, we may not be a Perfect Nation, but we would certainly be Progressive. Some of us have abandoned our own and run off to another. Some of us have lost hope in our own and increased the hope of others. Some of us now even hate our own with a perfect hatred. So, tell me, how would we be able receive the things that are already ours,divided, hopeless and with hatred? I tell you, we are still yet to stretch out our hands to receive what is rightfully and divinely ours, but I believe you and I would, and now! I leave you with this; Be what you want Nigeria to become and you will gradually be attracting your match, because God has notprepared a deficit for us as a New Nigeria and so we must strive to meet the requirements of our requirements.



Love one another even as I have loved you… Everything is possible to those that believe!



I am a transformational writer, a public speaker and a poet who has a great passion for creating a better humanity.

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