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Begin to Live up to the Maximum of YOU!


Hey lovers! It’s your girl, Isioma. First, I must say that I really miss doing this (being at your service)and I miss hearing from you through your comments(that is to say; I would really love to hear from you once you are done reading this!). Secondly, I am extremely sorry that I haven’t published any article in a while. I have been so busy with school. Again, I am sorry.

         Well, if this is your first time reading my article, I want you to know that I write to transform. That is to say; most of my write ups entail radical actions from you and by you. So today, I’ll be chatting with you on how to begin to do that thing called YOU! How to live to the fullest expression of yourself! How to be the best version of yourself! Stay with me!

         Some days back, I was asking myself who I really am. Asides my skills and the great things I aspire to do, who am I? who are you? All in all, all I could say to myself was; “I am the best version of myself”. And I tell you, this answers all the questions of who we really are, because when we begin to accept ourselves the way we are, and for who we are, even before anyone else does, fall madly in love with ourselves and be grateful for how we have been created; only then can we live to the truest expression of ourselves. Living in the Maximum of You is being all you could, it is maximizing your potentials, it is living beyond your fears. It is allowing fear to inform you and not stop you, it is doing YOU. It is going the extra mile and doing beyond what you wouldn’t have ever imagined yourself doing, it is extending yourself beyond the limitations of your abilities, not investingin mediocrity, to truly discover yourself. In reference to mediocrity; it is living below the standards of your true potentials. It is settling for less, it is accepting the norm, it is the failure to stand out. So, can I tell you that you will not be able to live up to the maximum of you, as long as you dwell in mediocrity? You don’t want to die without anyone knowing that you ever existed, do you? You do not want to leave this planet earth without leaving your finger prints on the walls, do you? You do not want to die and then you’ll have all your dreams, gifts, talents and potentials die with you, do you? Come on! We have to die empty! Your gifts, talents, potentials were not given to you by God for you. They are meant to serve humanity, impact lives and truly be the light. So how would you and I be able to do this without living up to our maximum?

         Let me ask you; why have been procrastinating living your dreams? Why have you been procrastinating creating that website? (I guess I am a victim of this too). Why have you been procrastinating publishing that article of yours? Why have you been procrastinating starting your sales? Answer silently to yourself, it’s okay, there is no harm dear. Is it fear? Or the uncertainty of what the future holds for you or whether you can do it or not?Of course, you can, as long as you are willing to try and keep trying! I tell you, none of that mattersanymore, when your faith becomes greater than your fears, and when your passion becomes greater than your challenges and your excuses. And for the record; in the end, there will be no excuse for you notto have lived up to the maximum of YOU, because you are qualified and are the best person for your assignment!  You have all it takes to be great, in YOU!

         Right on, we shall then dig into the main gist! Remember this is a chat, so it is not a monologue (your comments really matter; 100 percent!). But then, in as much as this is a chat, please do not lose the substance (very crucial). I would be touching two aspects which are; How to discover Yourselfand How to live your dreams, to the maximum of YOU. Let me ask you again. Who are you? If you can answer this perfectly alright, then super beautiful! But if you are the one still racking your brain even up till now, then we’ve got work to do! Discovering yourself is the first step to living in the maximum of YOU, because you cannot really identify with someone or something you do not know.

                                     DISCOVER YOU NOW!

Start by loving and accepting yourself, regardless of what people have called you or are still calling you. Don’t accept their words because no one else can and should define you, except you (and your Creator’s Words). Stand in front of the mirror every day (especially in the morningwhen you wake up), for as long as you may need to, and speak these words to yourself; (start by calling your full name out loud) “I am enough for my assignment! I am beautiful/handsome!I woke up enough! I am the best version of myself and so I seek not to be somebody else!I am extremely proud of you! (insert your beautiful name, and say it like you mean it because you should mean it. if not, there is no point saying it at all). I tell you, self-discovery begins with self-love and appreciation.
Still on Affirmations; it’s time for you to speak into your dreams, your future. I bet that for those of us who are yet to discover ourselves, we still have at least an idea of what we really desire to become and achieve in life. So, speak into that reality. “I am excellent in all that I do” (regardless of if you struggle with so many things). “I am great”. “I am not settling for less today”. “my day is ending very productive”. “my faith is far greater than my fears and my passion,than my challenges”. I believe greatly in myself and I commit to becoming the best version of myself today and throughout my life! I am not afraid to stand alone when the need arises, I am willing to go alone to reach my planned destination”. No one can define me except me”. And you can go on and on and on, depending on what you resonates with you. Do this consistently, and you will see that you will begin to live in the experience of who you truly are! Put them all in writing. I know that this may seem very dramatic and even childish but I want you to know this; the power of affirmation says; Whatever you condition and believe, you become. So, speak the words!
What is that thing that you love doing most? Or what are those things? What are those things that attract your attention so much that even if you are woken up from your sleep in the middle of the night to do, you will gladly jump up to do them? What are those things that you find peace, strength and joy doing? Don’t tell yourself “nothing” because there is definitely something,as long as your existence is not a mistake and you have a purpose for existing. Well, mine is writing and speaking. What is yours? Have you given much thought to this? If you haven’t, you should, and soon enough. If you have, beautiful! I must say. But there is much more to knowing who you are. So much that I will not be able to put all down in writing. Once you have discovered your passion, I can assure you that you have discovered your purpose, because God will not bless you with gifts that will not be used to fulfil your purpose, in one area or the other. So, everything you and I have and can do better than anyone else, are our resources that are to be used to live up to the maximum of ourselves! At this stage, we are gradually getting to discover who we really are and the purpose for our existence. So once again I will say; if yours is drawing, please draw every day and see if you would not become an outstanding artist. If yours is web designing, computer programming or dancing, do it every day and passionately, and see if you won’t be fulfilled. Well asides doing them every day, you must be willing to learn how to turn your passion to profit, because in the end, every one of us needs the money. All in all, do that thing called YOU, every single day and never compare yourself with anyone else. It will be a slap on your own face and an insult to your Creator, your Designer.
Know your source and get connected. This is the most important and should have come first on the list, but then, it doesn’t reduce its great importance. Mind you, I am perfectly aware that we have our different beliefs and religious practices as humans, and so I am not writing to dispute that. I am also not writing to force you to know and believe in the God that I serve and believe in (even though I would love so much that you come to truly know Him (Jesus) if you are yet too. Trust me, He’s super awesome!). It is very important that you know and get connected with the One that you believe created you and sustains your life. I tell you sincerely, I cannot talk about discovering who I really am and my purpose on this planet without talking about the One who created me. I do not know about you. Your Creator has virtually all the answers to your questions as well as your glorious function on planet earth. So, again I say; Know your Creator and get connected, to discover YOU!
And last but not the least; Become very comfortable doing You! Lisa Nichols, my Role Model would always say; it is absolutely okay to be called crazy, weird, ridiculous, strange, because that way, I can be ME. (Paraphrased). Not until you become comfortable being yourself anytime, any day and at anywhere, would you be able to live up to the maximum of You. So basically, you must learn to be yourself, and be damn proud of it! As you do this, you’ll gradually be unfolding the image of the Real you, to yourself and to the world… And on that foundation, will your success in life be built! But hey, take note; be very open to positive changes and corrections from honest people, especially when it comes to your weaknesses. Be humble.                  


                                LIVE UP TO YOUR MAXIMUM!

Believe strongly in yourself. There will definitely come a time when your confidence will be mistaken for arrogance, because then, people will not understand how much you need to believe in yourself in order to become all you could. But when you get there, just smile and keep moving! Don’t stop to listen to them even for a second! (bad energy, stay far away!) You must believe in order to receive, you must believe to be able to achieve. So how much do you believe in yourself? How high do you uplift and not limit yourself? How well do you motivate yourself and say to yourself “I can do it!”. Of course, you can! But you have to first believe in You, and you must be ready to be the first and only person to do that!
Be ever willing to stand out, to go alone if need be. There is a saying that says; if you want to go fast, go alone. but if you want to go far, go together. I always tell people that I want to first go fast, then go far. That means at first, you must be willing to go alone, to stand alone as long as you know fully well that that is the path to your destiny. Lisa Nichols will say; you have to be willing to be your own cheerleader first. Don’t be sad or take it as a reason to stop pushing, if your family is not your fan, if they don’t see your vision with you and don’t support you. They cannot see your vision with you, because God did not give your vision to you and them, he gave it to YOU! So, you are the one to carry its pregnancy for a while (it may be for a very long time, just so you know. Probably longer than 9 months), nurture it, and bring it to life where everyone who has sight (even those that don’t will sense it somehow) would definitely get to see it! Don’t force anyone to believe in you now, they will, eventually, and by then, you might not need it any longer. But what you must do and need to do is to believe in yourself first and now! Yes, you can do it!

Have an ultimate vision for your life. You know, when there’s no vision, there will be no direction. And when there is no direction, there will be no destination. Know what you want for yourself and work every single day towards achieving it. Living up to the Maximum of you requires that you have a clear vison, a set or set goals.
And once again, the last but not the least and yet the most important; Take Radical Actions. These words stay as mine for as long as you do not implement them. Have an action plan and be specific about each one of them. Something more like a ritual that you must commit to doing every day. Mind you, commitment and consistence are very important virtues to adopt during the cause of this journey. Focus on your goals and work towards making progress every day. Measure your progress too because you cannot manage what you do not measure. Now,go ahead and give it your all!

         I would leave you with the words of a Great man of Blessed Memory, whom I love so much; Dr. Myles Munroe. He said and I quote; “The greatest threat to being all you could be is the satisfaction who you are”. He also said; “There are many who have buried their talents, gifts and abilities in the cemetery of their last accomplishments.” Few great things have ever been done within the confinement of the ‘accepted norm’”. Please never fall victim of these things and if you have already, come out of it now by taking    action! I greatly believe in you! But do you believe in YOU?!

Again, I plead, please this is not a monologue so I await your feedbacks! It’s Communication, a dialogue at that! I’d be delighted to hear from you reading this. Yes you! So, drop em’ off now! Where was your ‘aha?!’ I would really love to know! I really love you!



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