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Love and care can be powerful
Could be double-edged swords too
I basked in the love I was shown
But wallowed in conceit too
I pushed friends away
Sent family packing
Because I perceived it a right
All the things they did for me
I let myself enjoy
Without thinking of what it’d have cost
Or how to be appreciative
They spoke to me
Only seeking my happiness
But I decided I’d have none of it
And they decided to leave
And let me live
I thought if they were true
They shouldn’t be through
Just because I’m as imperfect as everybody else
I took more than I gave
I had issues
You know what they say
About the lantern
Brightens its surroundings
But stays dark at the bottom
I refused to see my flaws
And I believed I should be loved for who I am
Now,I’m a loner with my cross to bear
Change or be changed,right?
I refused to have a change of heart then
I took everything for granted
But the love,the care I took for granted
Have come back to haunt me
In form of memories
I now crave the things
I once took for granted
Because I was too blind to see
That I can never be an island
That to have love
I should give even more love than just enough.

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By Shalom Sangobowale

My name is Shalom Jesubowale,

Instagram: _peeeeace_
Facebook: Theresa Sangobowale
Email: [email protected]


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