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         Hi lovely! It’s your girl Isioma again, but this time, I would be writing on something quite different from what I usually write about. Honestly, I am yet to experience the reality of the truths I am about to reveal to you. But I can assure you that I would, in no time and so would you if you accept them as well, especially for those of you who are of age to have this wonderful experience. But believe me, young or old, one is never too young or too old to invest in him or herself in terms of learning and the bid to constantly acquire knowledge, wisdom and understanding through habitual reading, for this is the greatest investment a man can make. In this write up, I would be sharing with you some clear reasons why you need and deserve to be financially free. This information is for everyone who has a dream and a vision as well as commits to being extremely successful and financially free. Well, I am definitely one and I know that you are one too, if not, you would not still be reading this right? I must say that you have made one of the most amazing decisions of your life to have decided to read this!

         More so, what do I mean by Financial freedom? Good question! Financial freedom is the state of having a clear understanding of how money works, that is the game of money and rather than work for money, you have money working for you! It is a state in your life when you are able to pay yourself first before paying the water or electricity bills. At this point, you are not just able to buy or get the things you need, but also the things you want and even in excess without really feeling it, but then you will now be the one to decide to discipline yourself well enough to spend your money wisely. Simply put; “financial freedom is the state of being Rich. And I did not say “just comfortable”, I said “rich”, there is a huge difference. It’s financial freedom because you don’t have to wait until month end before you can receive a so called salary that comes in form of a credit alert that’s borne out of slavery and exploitation when you can get money every day and as frequently as possible just by turning your passion to profit (a topic for another day dear).

         I mean I watch my parents and how they get up every morning to run off to make another man or woman’s company and dream grow bigger while they grow weary! And yet they keep saying; get a good grade so that you can get a good job. Oh what a scam filled with the darkness of mediocrity, slavery and exploitation. The reasons why you need and deserve financial freedom are very obvious. YOU NEED TO CONSTANTLY GO FOR MAXIMUM TO BE ABLE TO RELEASE YOUR FULL POTENTIALS BEFORE SAYING GOODBYE TO THE WORLD, FOR THEREIN LIES THE SOURCE OF THEIR INSPIRATION. And a person who is behind bars or in bondage cannot do this and I’ll show you how and why;

  • Bondage is synonymous to death because living is not just about breathing, it is more about existing in the realms of your purpose. So when this is not happening, such a person can be considered a living corpse. And the truth is that, you are not afraid of dying, but what you are really afraid of is dying without anyone knowing you ever existed, it is dying without leaving your finger prints on the walls of this earth. For me, I see the policies of organizations and companies as walls that hinders people from living out the highest and truest expression of themselves which is the essence of our existence. If you’re not doing what you love and have passion for even as a job, then it is really not worth the stress.
  • There is no financial and life fulfilment in not having financial freedom. Believe me, there is nothing more interesting than knowing God (the source of your life) intimately and having holistic (all round) success. My role model; Lisa Nichols calls it 360 abundance. It’s a state when you don’t even need to look at the price on the menu before you can make a choice, but rather you make a choice on what to eat because it is what you want, regardless of the price. You are just unapologetically successful in all areas of your life because you are free!
  • Creativity expands you more than focus. Although there is a law that says that whatever you focus on expands, I believe that our ability to work with creativity expands us even more. The repetition of an activity too frequently can make a man go crazy because too much of anything can be sickening which is harmful to one’s health. Something different has to be done and done differently and uniquely for there to really be a change or changes. Research has also shown that in carrying out a repeated and routine job every day, we tend to use only half of our brains if not less. The ability for us to use our brains completely, together with our talents and skills is what I call creativity. And creativity is power, creativity is wealth!
  • The value you place on humanity is what forms your legacy. This is only possible when you are doing what you love and are passionate about and that is not likely to be working for someone else for the rest or most of the years of your life. Take this with you; a person who is behind bars cannot help a hungry passer-by. This means that it is only a free person who can effectively and extremely help a person in need. Remember, the world cannot wait to hear and get their inspiration from you so you must speak and act!
  • You should work to learn and not work for money. Please take note of this, especially if you have interpreted this message as; “don’t get a job at all!” No dear, that is not what I have been saying but what I have been saying is this; you would never be able to live to the highest and truest possibilities of your potentials if you keep helping another man or woman to build his or her company for the rest of your life. It should only be for a while and this is the reason; financial freedom warrants you to work to learn, have a working experience as well as make you an expert of your field or specialization so that you can become an effective CEO later on. You get the gist right? So work or get a job to learn and not really for the money, so that you do not fall into trap of job slavery and exploitation for the rest of your life.
  • There is a time to sit down and just be a student (the learning period) and there must also come a time for you to be a student and a teacher (we shouldn’t stop learning as long as we live but you must also get to teach and lead others too) that’s when you become a CEO. There is a time to be served and there is a time to both be served and serve others as well. That would be your legacy.
  •  The actions taken because of your passion is more credible and effective than the ones taken because of your profession. Ponder on this.
  • Which is better and more sensible? To work in and for a big company or to own a big company? Think Big and Grow Rich!
  • Your dreams, vision, passion and life goals need your nurturing to for them to be birthed (brought to life, to reality) more than that company or organization needs your services to be promoted. If it is not in line with your passion, trust me, it is not worth the stress. And remember financial freedom says; Pay Yourself First!
  • And finally, you do not want to live a miserable life do you? Certainly not. So; work to learn but also MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I mean; have something growing for yourself during that period, something that gives you the fulfilment that your job may not be giving you. It is called Entrepreneurship or Selfemployment. To understand more about this, please you could go read the following books; Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cash flow Quadrant by Kiyosaki T. Robert, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ekerand Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

         Again, if you have read up till this point, then I must say that you are a very wise person and trust me, as long as you bear these in mind and act accordingly, you’ll gradually be on your way to becoming unapologetically rich and financially free! Thank you dear, don’t forget to drop your comments, tell me what you need, I love them and I will respond to them. Where was your AHA!? I’d love to know! I love you!


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