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For years I stood behind bars
Not as a prisoner but jailbird
The blisters on my black back
And the bumps on my head
Could tell the language of the
batten Isn’t of bird, but anguish.
My tattoos were my orators
And often would tell the story
Of my marriage with chains.
 Body could recognise its bunk
And my leaked nose to its skunk
Depression always my bedmate
As I was often a constant inmate
Of absolute pains and disdain.
Voice couldn’t wail but gestures
Did scream like KuntaKinte in
His solitary island in Gambia.
Our days were pale and useless
Our minds empty and used-less
Chains obliterates our freedom
Same freedom killed bit by bit
And everyday, parts taken away
Like a beau bird building its nest.
We looked kin and attractive
In our jean jumpsuit uniforms
They were  wardens of prison
But I was custodian of the cell
We found solace in our hurts
As battens silently stared at us
Confused, no longer instill pains
But bream pink pleasure driven
From a den of necked goddesses.
I enjoyed every bit of art portrayed
The guns, boots, whips and chains
Where the antic artistic works
Drawn and painted on our skins.
We had our time and calendar
With different sun and moon
That doesn’t smile, always sad,
We had institutions and banks
Commerce,workshops, ministries
And even prison within a prison
But corruption was peculiar to all.
These walls would surely miss me
And that is, if freedom is free!
Oh, this world is one big cell
Divided by a single wall
And we are but prisoners.
Some prisoners of circumstance
Others prisoners of convictions
Flogged by actions and inactions.
Some behind bars others in front
But doesn’t change the one fact
We are all bloody prisoners!
My dealings deeply conditioned
Security guards everywhere
People in coloured jumpsuits
Frustration was the music sang
Corruption, the instrument played
Men and women with tattoos
Alcohol obliterates depression,
Sun smiles only when it rises
Hunger hung on their neck
Like undone beans to a prisoner
Though those chains are invisible
Like a baleful big black man
In an opaque of darkness.
Alas! This world is one big cell
And we are all but prisoners
Freedoms isn’t so absolute but
Constrained to something we
Unconsciously create for ourselves!

Written by: Ikoromasoma, Emmanuel



About Me

I am from Rivers State and a native of Okirika. I attended New Era Brilliant College Borikiri, graduated of Rivers State University Port Harcourt were i studied Office and Information Management. I did a certificate program in Uniport in the Department of Theatre and film Studies. I love writing, dancing, and sport. I fell in love with poetry in my secondary school days and ever since poetry has changed my life.



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