My Alma Mater, my matter.
By Ojeme Isioma.

As a proud student of Bowen University,
I have taken my time to understand the reason behind this great catastrophe
But I have discovered nothing more serious than a situation that was transpired by hate, foolishness, enmity and insensibility
Although I have decided not to let this matter bother me, I have been given enough reason to address it like an apostrophe
It all simply boils down to this; I would not sit in my house and watch, see or hear cowards drag in the mud, my great Alma mater
I may not and will definitely not fight back (Bowenites don’t) but be sure to take this with you; take series of Panadols for only a headache that affects your head.
I keep wondering, what really affects you in this matter?
The fact that we had an early holiday or that our University is undergoing a repositioning and rebranding process?
Please tell me, is it the former or the latter?
What ever your answer is, that is not the point.
The point is this; we need to be guided, we must be led.
Decide now to remove the beam in your University before you can see the speck in ours. If you can’t, then just learn to adore.
If you can’t praise or pray for Bowen, then don’t set it as your prey.
Simply put; MIND YOUR BUSINESS, focus on YOU so that you can soar!


This poem is dedicated to the people who derive joy in tarnishing the image of Bowen University.


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