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My Woven Words had the rare privilege of having an exclusive interview with the recently crowned Campus King for the whole of Osun; King Felix Adeola Keshinro. We had a nice time interviewing the handsome model and fashionista, please take your time to enjoy the interview below.

Can you please introduced yourself, sir?
I’m Felix Adeola Keshinro, Osun state university, Industrial chemistry, 400L.

How did you get to know about the Osun campus king competition?
A friend of mine actually told me about it, and asked if I was interested and I did.

Sir, how would you like to describe the journey during the competition with so many competitors and all?
Sincerely, it wasn’t easy with the tasks and all, especially the morning drill. And as for the competition, you know everyone will want to show their best and be good at it. The competition was tough, a real one as at that! But here I am, the pioneer winner of OCK 2018.

Sir, have you contest for any competition like this before?
Not at all. This is my very first.

Can you tell us more about the competition? what is the competition all about?
Osun campus king is a competition amongst guys in tertiary institutions in Osun State.

How did you feel when you first started?
Naïve, Cold. But got along later on!

How were you able to overcome the naivety and coldness?
I made friends with the likes of Similoluwa (the queen), Stephen, Alli and others


I know this position comes with different responsibility, so how do you intend on handling school and the responsibility together?
Handling school work with this responsibility will be easy. Academics comes first, we all know that. Creating time for the position’s assignment will definitely be the best choice

Now that you’re now the king of Osun Campus, what are your plans? And do you intend to carry them out?
There are several plans and all plans will definitely be carried out

Can you tell us some of the plans?
I guess not, I’m sorry, I hope you understand

How does it feel being Osun Campus King?
I must say, it’s really nice seeing people call me Campus king! Campus king!! since I’ve got to school and even guys from other schools now wants collaboration. It’s really nice

We are really anticipating for that. What kind of collaboration, please?
Most guys are bloggers, fashion designers, MUA and we are planning to cook something up?

Is there any way you think the organizers can improve the contest?
Yeah. A massive awareness throughout institutions in Osun state for more people to contest

During the contest, was there a representative from all the tertiary institutions in Osun State?
Yeah, I think so

Any relationship between you and Miss Campus Osun?
We’re best friends

Tell us about your relationship life, Any girlfriend, crush. or….?
I do have a girlfriend!

Wow.. what was her reaction when you won the contest?
She was really happy. She has always believed in me right from the start!


Now that you have the fame do you plan on using it to build yourself like maybe start a business or something?
Actually venturing into modeling officially

Only modeling?
Music and dance

Do you mean producing your own songs or appear in music videos?
Every which way!

Do you really love fashion…is it now that you’re Osun King you just develop interest in it?
I’ve always loved fashion

Do you have any role model?
I’m self motivated

Any moment all through the contest that you will say was your saddest moment?
Not at all, except for bad network

Any moment all through the contest that you will say was your happiest moment?
The dance part, OMG! It was always lit??

Since you won what are the changes that have occurred socially?
More followers on Instagram, several DMs from younger students that want to become a model, DMs from bloggers, fashion designers

What are the prizes, benefits and gifts you got for emerging as the winner for this contest?
Cash prize, Ambassadorial deal, Wardrobe change, Modeling contracts, And so on

Register today, you could be the winner!

The cash prize was how much?

What exactly does Osun campus king do? Is it all about name and fame?
It isn’t about name or fame or title. Miss campus osun and osun campus king help educate younger ones, African youth in any area they need to be educated on.

How do you plan to work on that?
There is a pet project for that next year

What are your hobbies?
Traveling, I can travel ehn


Who is your best designer?

Which country do u wish to travel to?
United States of America, New York City to be precise

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
Expanding the entertainment and fashion industry in a brand new way

All entertainment and fashion industry in Nigeria or in the world?
Lemme start with my county

Is it that the way it is now is not good enough or what?
Of course it is good enough. You know things improve as the year and time goes by

What advice do you have for people who are still considering modelling?
Modeling is not just something you wake up one morning and say you want to start doing. You’ve gat to have the skills and be passionate about it

Can you mention some of the skills required, please?
Being photogenic, Good body movement, Nice body shape, Good dress sense


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