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My Woven Words had the rare privilege of having an exclusive interview with the recently crowned Miss Campus for the whole of Osun; Miss Kayode Similoluwa Oluwafemi. We had a nice time interviewing the beautiful model, please take your time to enjoy the interview below.

Can we meet you?
I’m Kayode Similoluwa Oluwafemi, a part four English student at the Obafemi Awolowo University. I’m also a model and an aspiring writer.

Since when have you been modeling?
I started around April this year. I saw an online ad for an agency looking for models and I’ve always had an interest in it.  I spoke to my parents and they were fine with it.  So I attended the auditions and it just kicked off from there.

So before becoming miss campus for the whole of Osun State, have you been able to accomplish any feat similar to this?
Nope.  This was my first pageantry actually.

Did you at any time contest for Miss Campus, OAU?
No.  My school doesn’t really have anything like that.  We have mr and miss fresher oau.  But not miss campus OAU.

How does it feel being Miss campus Osun?
It’s great.  I’ve got to meet a lot of people,  I’ve got goals set out for me to achieve and most importantly I’m very honored to have been crowned the winner.

At the beginning of the contest when all the contestants were called for screening and you saw the other contestants what was on your mind?
I didn’t get to meet all the contestants at the audition till camp.  I met most contestants at camp and for me it was intriguing meeting all these ladies from different schools and backgrounds I found it fun,  challenging and a whole new experience.

During the contest, did you have challenges or setbacks?
Not really,  everything was fine, the organizers really did a good job and tried to ensure that everything ran smoothly.  Apart from me feeling nervous once in a while there weren’t really any challenges or setbacks.

You mentioned nervousness as one of your major challenges during the contest, how were you able to deal with it?
Luckily for me everyone got along,  we helped each other get through such moments. There were contestants who had participated in pageants before and they shared tips and it was really nice.  Plus I also did a lot of  encouraging myself and praying. And my friends and family were also great help.  I couldn’t have dealt with everything without them.


How did you relate with your competitors, and how did they relate with you, were they very friendly or hostile?
Like I mentioned earlier,  Everyone got along.  We were all very friendly with One another. There wasn’t any hostility at all,  and camp felt like a second home to all of us.

That’s great, does that mean you didn’t feel you were competing with other contestants?
I didn’t forget the fact that we were all there for a purpose,  but I also knew seeing them as only a competition would only make me scared and even more nervous.  I felt my biggest competition was myself and that if I only focused on that fact that I was here to compete I’d miss out on a lot of things.  I remembered why I was,  why we were all there.

Is there any way you think the organizers can improve the contest?
Well I know they definitely have plans to do better,  and I hope to be a part of those plans when the time comes. I see how much effort they’ve put into the contest and I know as time goes on they’ll keep doing better.

Do you have a mentor?
Yes,  my mom. She’s my first mentor and my best friend.  I look up to her a lot. And in the field of writing and modeling I also have several women I look up to like Nora Roberts, Chimamanda Adiche,  Naomi Campbell, Cara delevigne and several others . But my mum is always first.

What is your next target now that you have won the Miss Osun beauty pageantry?
I hope to participate in more pageants in the near future.  But for now I’ll be focusing on fulfilling my tasks as queen now and on my education.

How do you intend to balance your education with being miss campus Osun? Won’t it affect each other?
I understand that being a queen comes with responsibilities but I believe with God on my side there’s nothing I can’t handle . I believe I won’t let either of my responsibilities clash and affect the other.


Any moment all through the contest that you will say was your saddest moment?
Nope,  none.  I had a great time all through the contest  and if there ever was a sad time it was probably when i had to say goodbye to all the new friends I made and became accustomed to during camp.

Any moment all through the contest that you will say was your happiest moment?
When I won, I was really really happy.

Since you won what are the changes that have occurred socially?
I have a lot of people recognizing me more now,  people walk up to me and ask me if I’m the miss campus and stuffs like that .

Has any of the prizes, rewards and benefits promised to the winner been fulfilled?
Yes they all have,  apart from the ones that are determined by my time I’ve received all my prizes

What are your hobbies?
Writing, reading books, listening to music and playing games.

What is your best food?
Plantain and egg.

What is the name of your best car?
I don’t have one

What is the name of your best designer for bags?
Lol,  I’ll carry any bag as long as I love it and it suits my style.

What is the name of your best designer for shoes?
Lol,  same thing with my bag.  I love shoes,  why pick a favorite when you can have them all?

Which country will you love to travel too presently?

Do you have a boyfriend?
No I don’t

 If we may ask, Why? is it wrong?
LMAO. No it’s not. I had one until recently.  Just didn’t work out and I’d rather focus on me for now until I meet someone I feel is right enough.

Are you Muslim or Christian?
A Christian

Which church do you attend?
God’s love Tabernacle

So ma’am how do you intend to use your title to influence other girls like you and the society positively?
Well,  I believe with God all things are possible,  I know I can’t do all for the society in just one year,  but I do hope that during my reign I have lent a voice concerning several issues that affect the society.  And for other girls like me ,  I hope to influence them by being a great queen.  I know several parents and people of the society see beauty queens and pageants or lets just say modelling in general as a not so dignified job,  I hope to change that view so I can encourage others to want to fulfil and pursue their dreams.

In the next ten to twenty years where and what do you see yourself becoming?
A woman that’s an inspiration to many.  I hope to be very happy no matter where I am.  Many people list the dreams they hope to have achieved by then, but I just hope to let God continue to direct me so no Matter where I am then whether it’s according to my plan or according to God’s plan, i am able to stay happy without any form of regrets.

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What advice do you have for people who are still considering modelling?
If you know you have passion for it,  and you believe you can do it then go for it.  Don’t just do it because people say you can,  what’s most important is you believing in yourself,  cause there will be times when you feel like giving up and if you can’t talk yourself out of those times no one would be able to.  So believe in yourself and you’ll definitely go places.

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What is your plan for campuses in Osun?

My co-winners and I are working on a lot of plans in progress. Our plans are not final yet but as soon as they are we’ll let everyone know.


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