Diversity on ‘No Bad Songz’ Album

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The traditional opening of the album puts in element of traditional drum and adoration to the gods who are hustlers like himself. This particular track infuse a rare theme that the artiste has been able to put into craft
The track, ‘No do’ has been released earlier this year and smashed streaming sites and Tv stations in Nigeria. The highlife and song retro interlopes puts one into a state of realisation and impactful understanding of what life is all about.

Kizz Daniel decides to take a detour to East Africa with Diamond Plantnumz. Diamond gives out his regular feel of love and use of lyrical repetition to create rhythm.
One ticket has taken the No. 2 spot on iTunes singles chart after Burna Boy’s ‘On a low’. Kizz Daniel message addresses the societal trend of materialism common in modern relationship. Cupidity in relationship should not be existent but couples should find ways to build themselves individually as they grow.

‘Oyibe’ with so much inspiring content has not been able to hit listener’s ear because of the limited free flow delivery from the artiste. In line with the album title, ‘No bad songz’, the idea created for listeners is to avoid bad songs on the album.

Kizz Daniel has been able to create diversity in every track put together. A track like ‘Maye’ shows a dark and twisted part of Kizz Daniel when showing love to a woman
Flyboy Inc Owner draws issue of love and addresses them from diverse areas of life. Collaborating with Wretch 32, a Uk artiste on this kind of track is an inspiring move from him. A commendable feat from the album is how Kizz Daniel has been able to grow his voice organically and build an influx of dynamism.


One of my favourite tracks on the album turns out to be a style off the regular Nigerian pop sound. ‘Bad’ with Nasty C incorporates element of the Urban Hip hop sound.
‘Something Dey’ with Dj exclusive and Dammie Vee ends as one of my most disappointing track on the album and it opens a new flow of ‘not too good song’. Dj exclusive presence on the track did not create any form of hype for a regular club banger.


Kizz Daniel is able to build a strong plane of conscious and satirical message with tracks like Ja, Tobi, Time no Dey with its blend of tungba music.

In my opinion, Kizz Daniel cutting off some tracks from the album would have made the album a perfect one because some of the concluding tracks has inspiring meaning but the experimentation process on the diverse sounds has basically shifted the artiste from connecting to the listeners strongly.

Interest on the album will be drawn to the use of harmony to create intriguing sound that can be difficult to resist. Interlopes and other lyric references like ‘Ji Ma sun’ on ‘Poko’ or Shaggy’s ‘It wasn’t me’ on Ikwe were parts of the interesting highlights from the album.
With a follow up album from Kizz Daniel’s ‘New Era’ the artiste has created an interesting sound to listeners and gathered the momentum for him to build his fan base beyond Africa and establish himself as Naija’s finest.

Emphatically, title selection for an album for most Nigerian artiste has turned out to be rarely fascinating. Kizz Daniel ‘No Bad Songs’ is a direct and unequivocal title meaning that has created wide expectation from fans but the album has not convincingly able to prove the ‘no bad songs’ notion. In my opinion, the album stands unpredictable. New Era proved so many critics wrong after months of release in 2016. ‘No Bad songs’ can possibly face this path of history.
I will give it 7.5/10.




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