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Poverty, Property and Prosperity (PPP)
These three words are very important and it is essential that we know the relationship between them. The first word that we need to explain is property. Properties are treasures that belong to individuals, they are acquired through different means.
Property can lead to prosperity or poverty. I know you are shocked to hear that it can lead to poverty. Property is just capital that needs to be managed and maintained. Property that is maintained, managed and monitored well will boost prosperity but when it is mismanaged, it leads to poverty.
The main point here is Maintenance. How are you maintaining your property?
Yes, the property you have been given and those you have acquired in one way or the other.
You are loaded with properties like talents, gifts, skills even intellectual property. All these are given by God and acquired from men. I know you are talented, so how are you maintaining the properties? Many people are endowed but only few discover those properties.
The reason why you are still living in poverty is because you are not maintaining your property. We have different properties, so also, we are to take different roads to achieving prosperity.
Never limit yourself. I want you to rise and take that which you have, manage it well and move from poverty to prosperity with your property.
If you cannot manage your English textbooks in secondary school well, how can you manage other things? The reason why I used this illustration is that, most definitely, you will do English Study almost every day/ every school day in a week. You are a good manager if the cover of the textbook is still intact even after using it for a session. The frustrating thing is that even when the textbook is wrapped with old calenders for some people, still, the cover will be torn apart before long. While some will not wrap it and still maintain it. Imagine, different managers?
Many of us are looking for big properties to manage even when we can’t properly manage those little things we have or kept in our care. It is not only God that is looking at your capacity before giving you property to manage, even people are watching what you do with those little things you have before entrusting great things into your hands.
We all want the youths to rule and dominate but do you know that many youths are just clamoring to rule but lack the capacity to govern? Youths that lack proper managerial skills will render the country more worse than before.
My dear friends, stop agitating for more properties when you can’t manage the ones you have. More properties will be allocated to you as soon as you manage the ones you have properly.
*You must manage your PROPERTY PROPERLY
*The better you manage, the higher the properties that will be allocated to you.
*You cannot manage your wife if you can’t manage your female friends properly.
*You cannot manage your husband if you can’t manage your male friends properly.
*PROPERTY will last when it is PROPERLY managed.


Proverty, Property and Prosperity are the key words. Your management will differentiate. I drop my pen.
God bless.

Written by:
Superlight Presenter

Superlight International Communications Network( SICON).

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