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Cultivate a Commendable Character( CCC)

‘It takes hardwork to get to the top
It takes character to remain there( top)’
The above aphorism is the summary of my points. Firstly, I want you to examine yourself and your character. Your character is a force, but it can be:
Pulling force( bringing people to you)
Pushing force (pushing or taking people away from you).
Some times we keep praying without checking ourselves. God is interested in our character and attitudes to others. That’s why He commanded us to love ourselves. God is searching for people to use and bless. But no matter how curious and desperate God might be in searching, let me shock you that God has standard. He has qualities that He is looking for.
For you to get to the top and remain there, you must cultivate a commendable character.
Could it be that your character is the reason why people are not patronizing you?
Could it be that your character is the reason why people are not moving close to you?
As upcoming artist, entrepreneur, evangelist. Hope it is not your character that is not moving you forward?
Those era that people used to be careless with their character and still succed is over.
Deal with your character now before it will deal with you in the future.
Expose your bad character now before it will expose you later.
Never try to hide your character, rather deal with it and change. Hiding it is just like covering a smoke which will find it way to show.
At this juncture, I drop my pen, the next edition will continue from here.


Thanks, God bless.

Written by: Superlight Presenter


Superlight International Communications Network( SICON).


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