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Hungry souls…..

What are you hungry for?
That your poverty turns to riches at a glance, that your sorrows turn joys, that your pains fade? That your business sells at a fast rate?
That you exceed in your education , irrespective of the means?
Tell me, why is your soul hungry?
Life consumes us easily, every of our achievements seem like nothing, we look at others and compare ourselves and then we thirst the more, you want your business and education to be like, or progress like that of others, yet you’ve forgotten you’re on a different lane of race. Every one wants to live a different life compared to their destiny, we strive day by day forgetting that success only comes at doing what is right…
Parents are forcing the Hunger of educational success on their children, children are retaliating theirs on parent’s riches, we’ve all mixed life in the wrong proportions and forgotten all fingers are not equal, we’ve forgotten that the best way to success ain’t about hating on others, and that the fruits of our labours do not depict our labours, but a grace from God….
So, Consume what’s best for your life, you might be allergic to the likes of others, the choices of others might frustrate and hinder your success..
You want to quickly sell your soul?
Then be prepared to die with your choice…
Aim, but don’t get hungry…

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