Woman experiencing cramp pains.

Women find it hard dealing with period. They often experience pain during this period.

There are certain foods women need to avoid during their period. These foods can make them feel more pain.

Here are four foods that may make your period worse:

1. Salty foods

Studies show that salty foods can make the pain worsen when a woman is experiencing periods.
They cause retention of water in the body. The foods containing salt tend to increase the bloat hence leaving one very uncomfortable.

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2. Coffee

Caffeine normally increases the discomfort a woman experiences during this time.
The caffeine makes the vessels of your blood to constrict.
When taken in large quantities, it can make the uterus become tighter.
When this happens, you will experience more pain than before.

3. Sugar

Avoid sugar during this time. The rise in the level of sugar will cause you more pain at the end of the day.
Sugar can also lead to inflammation hence it should be avoided by all means.

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4. Fatty meat

Fatty meat is a big no while you are on your period.
The meat can make the pain to worsen.
Meat with fats contains arachidonic acid that can make your uterine to contract.

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