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Which is The Best KISS?

1. Kiss Before Sex

2. Kiss During Sex

3. Kiss After Sex

If you are a Virgin like me just type “Hmmmm”


Some Pastor and their funny prayer point…

Which one is O Lord use me till I become useless


Being dumped by the person you love can make you watch television for 4hours without volume, you already have the sound in your head


When a girl comes to visit you in the night and it starts to rain heavily that’s when u realise that God does not forget his children


My boss is very nice and kind, he bought a new bike and he gave me the old one, he bought a new car and gave me the old one, he constructed a new house and gave me the old one too. Yesterday he got married to a new wife and I am still waiting for his call



Some ladies are not just lucky…some of them would date cripple and d cripple would walk out of their life


TEACHER: Give an example of business failure due to careless management

STUDENT: A prostitute getting pregnant.

TEACHER: get Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know that watching porn without having sex is a Waste of sin???

Imagine going to Hell for something you didn’t enjoy??

If a girl refused to show you, her milk industry during romance …just know the wall of Jericho has fallen infact it has collapsed

You dey Abroad and your Wife dey Nigeria, Is your Car ? not parked at owner’s risk?

I want a woman that works at a radio station, so that  when she says she’s at work. I just turn on the radio to be sure

QUESTION of the DAY?? –

Your father is riding okada to save and support your education. He left for work and immediately you called your girlfriend to come to the house. Unfortunately your father was the Okada man that brought her to the house. On seeing you she jumped down to hug you and tells you to pay the Okada man.. My brother what will be your reactions?

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Some Of These Young Girls Can’t Walk Pass A Cemetery In Peace Cox The Babies They’ve Aborted Will Be Like “Heeey Mom Wait✋”

I was owing somebody 16k last yr and he came this morning and told me to pay him bk. I simply told him “I’m now a born again. Old things have passed away, all things are now new??…ayam even on my way to come and borrow anoda one slf”

He chased me with cutlass

What I do?

Women who fall in love or marry men because of money

must never criticize prostitutes; they are of the same

profession. The only difference is that they work in the

private sector while the prostitutes work in the public


Any time I greet my Landlord, he always reply me with “my son”

Now he saw me with his daughter in my room last night and he’s mad at me


Shey I cannot be with my sister again???

Where can I find a girl whose Father will

Tell me “Take This 30 million” and leave my

Daughter Alone…

If She met u soaking Garri, drops her bag, run to get her ownspoon… Shouting if u finish that Garri!, I go vex for You”… She’s a Wife material… Marry HER!?


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