Hannah Akanbi and Ogunleye Oluwakorede had an exclusive interview with Toluwani Ujiogba; the Founder/CEO of ÒMÓLÒGÓ Entertainment. We had an interesting interview with him and I bet you’ll enjoy it. 

Can we meet you sir?
I’m Toluwani Ujiogba

Tell us about ÒMÓLÒGÓ entertainment?
Omologo means Son Of Glory.
ÒMÓLÒGÓ entertainment is an events management and branding company which specializes in delivering Top notch event In Bowen, Lagos and Worldwide soon by Gods Grace.

You said branding company,  branding what specifically?
Anything that needs branding; Artiste , Brand etc

That’s a huge one… So when did you start?
Basically in 2017.

What inspired you to start this entertainment company?
I have passion for events and entertainment, my inspiration comes from within, I just love what I do; More like fun.

How did you start?
I started since I was young, since secondary school days. I did events and all in my secondary school; Maverick College. I started “ÒMÓLÒGÓ entertainment ” 2017

Have you started working with other organizations?

That is good! In partnership with others what have you done so far?
Let me use this medium to say something big is coming on 22nd of September, 2018 where we’ll have Broda Shaggi and many other talented entertainer performing on stage (see flier below)
I’ve not really done much so far. I’m still looking up to God to help me start doing things.


As you know, even these brands have collaborators sometimes that push their product further. We have seen you collaborate with other brands over the years which has been quite smooth. But what led to the breakdown with Art of Ade one point?
Breakdown? There was no breakdown. “Art of Ade” decided to leave the dream or vision. The day Voting was supposed to commence on the site. I wouldn’t know why because I’m still always confused. You can ask him though. But when he left, BUCA had to continue. No one can stop greatness.

Members of The Crown Team of and Òmólògó Entertainment with Mrs. Folukemi Ayuba, Bowen University’s Directorate of Institutional Advancement & Corporate Affairs after a Strategy Meeting for BUCA 2017

Public opinion and critics believed that the fall out of “Art of Ade” made things slow up with BUCA. is it true?
The fall out of “Art of Ade” in my opinion didn’t make things slow Up with BUCA. What is true is that “Art of Ade” left BUCA. And BUCA had to adjust to the change which is the most constant thing in life. To still stand tall as the mother of all awards despite challenges. The road to success isn’t smooth. If you’re a dream chaser you’ll know that. Just keep chasing, whoever is going to leave the table will leave. Most important thing is that you don’t give up on your dreams. That’s life, we live to learn.
I pray and hope Art of Ade is in a better place. I don’t wish anybody bad..
We all can win.

Omologo, Mayorkun and Baba Crown during BUCA 2017

You are no more in Bowen University, what will happen to BML and BUCA?
It’s to continue forever. I didn’t start “Bowen Must Laugh” and “Bowen University Crown Award” to stop after leaving Bowen University

Are you saying you’ll continue to spearhead BML and BUCA despite being a graduate of Bowen University?
Yes! “Bowen Must Laugh” will come up this first semester (more details soon) and “Bowen University Crown Award” will come up second semester by God’s grace. When it’s time for the event . It’ll be everywhere, people that are interested in the act we have for the school will get there tickets.

Is there any big thing we can expect from you in Bowen University?
In God We Trust. Big things coming soon. BML soon.
I have two events lined up for this month. Bowen isn’t the dream.
BUCA and BML; I’m just doing it for Bowen, because it’s my alma Marta, doing it for the culture, the school isn’t fun, nothing bad if myself and other people doing it try to make the school fun.. that’s all I want, for people to get entertained. It’s not war for me, just for Bowen people to have fun.. simple!

Any plan of collaborating with a Bowen entertainment brand?
I plan to collaborate with “My Woven Words”

But why My Woven Words if I may ask?
Because your words are woven.. (everyone laughs)
If you get what I mean.


Where do you see OMOLOGO Entertainment  in the next five years?
five years? To be honest Only God Knows Tomorrow. Reality no be dream. ÒMÓLÒGÓ Entertainment is in Gods Hands only God Knows where it’ll be in the next five years. In God We Trust.

What advice do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs and dreamers like you?
If you’re an upcoming entrepreneur or a dream chaser. You need to know that it’s madder out there and it takes the grace of God for you not to give on your dreams. Especially when you find yourself in a country like Nigeria where nobody is willing to help you but you really just need to have a purpose and keep grinding. One day all those dreams will come true and all those friends that left you when you were chasing your dreams will want to famz . But by then you’d have learnt a lot of lesson by yourself that no one else could teach you but reality. Then you’ll know who’s real and who’s fake. Most importantly appreciate the ones that helped up with your come up.
Remember I said: It’s mad out there. No love.. if you believe in your dreams, you can achieve your dreams. With God all things are possible. -MARK 9:23.
Òmólògó! 💙🌟

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