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The impact the joint project (Crown) released by Loose Kaynon and A-Q has been undoubtedly been impactful in the Hip hop community in the past few days. The album is summarized in a Lyn-Purcell’s poem titled ‘Crown’; ‘’how happy I am to see/ the Kings and Queens smile in the poet’s court’’. The work is not only identified as a regular royal crown alone but the rapper takes time to identify every devoted listener as crowns. The rappers can be seen from different contextual areas like being a preacher to a poet. This is area is based on every listener’s feel.

The opening track, ‘Out of this World’ featuring Debbie Rose is more of a journey into struggles of the world and both rappers assure that at the end of all these, royalty pays off. A-Q was more introspective with great story telling Coming up like an upcoming with a sound of a foreign mind through a time travelling up in the hemisphere……….I had to start with baby steps’. Loose kaynon was a bit floppy on this opening track but he could gain his momentum towards the end

On the track ‘Regrets’, Loose Kaynon and A-Q makes so many comparison and metaphorical references by creating vital jabs to enemies and creating the essence of rap dominance in the Nigerian rap game. ‘Talk five rappers and I am coming for the top 3’. Identifying the great hard work these rap duo put in to uphold the rap culture and continue to prove dominance; it is no lie if they are placed as a fan’s top 5 best.


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‘Crown’ is considered fans favourite because every single rapper on this track has been fearless and widely expressive and this is what rap music is all about. Most new rappers do not possess much of these traits and they hide under cold lines to avoid criticism. In a Pulsetv interview, ‘Crown was the first project to be recorded, so; they waited a long time to get him wrap up the track.

Yoye Hayba is a regular associate of Chocolate city as he was featured on M.I’s Illegal Music. The rappers had a show of a softer part of themselves with the intriguing vocals of Yoye Hayba.

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‘No time’ is freestyle with both guys giving head twisting bars. It will be so tough picking who did better but A-Q has been known for his flows in freestyle. I will call him a freestyle demon.

One of the best Productions on the album is Jayy’s ‘Off black’ featuring Chocolate city signee, Blaqnonez with the groovy and the dominant drum beat input created more attention to the track.

Checking the tracklist and seeing Chigurl on a track, one would expect a different work with intense sense of humour but it adds something better on ‘Hustler’s prayer’. There is more lyrical in-depth on this track with them fully understanding the essence of success gotten from God. They tune listeners’ mind to the rough path to success- ‘don’t let this little success deceive us……Being broke will test you, through it all, God bless you!!’

Production credit goes to producers like Jayy, Ckay and Mr. Incredible himself, Jude Abaga. The rap duo has easily been able to stay consistent on every theme created on every track but more complexity and creativity would have been established if each of those rappers painted different stories that are interwoven on the same theme. In this year so far, it is one of the best rap project. A rating of 8/10 will do no bad

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