18 hilarious jokes that will make you laugh out loud.


It was so funny today when a pastor at the market was preaching about alcoholism but using alomo bitters box to collect the offering

When I am bored I call MTN customer care and ask why my phone isn’t charging

Man confessing to priest via WhatsApp

Man: “Forgive me father for I have sinned. I read dirty jokes on WhatsApp, viewed pornography and also viewed naked women’s pictures on my smartphone.”

Priest: “Forward all your sins to me.”

If a man tells you he’s not like other men my sister ask if he can give birth

Oya English gurus in the house answer this Question!!!

A Mother beat up her daughter because she was drunk!!


Now; who is drunk????

To my unborn children! Relax, dad is doing all his best trying to figure out the best mum for you. You will not suck a tattooed breast!… I promise you.

For God so loved Africans that he gave us dark skin, that whoever bleaches it shall not slay but have everlasting spots

The ways girls will convince that you are handsome if you have money, you will stand in front of the mirror and be like “maybe I should go into modelling.” My brother don’t be deceived, remain where you are.

I just met a girl who saved her boyfriend’s number as “MY HOPE” I’m not surprised, she’s 38yrs


Yakubu had a dream in which someone murdered him. Next day he closed his bank account. You know why? Because the slogan of the bank was, WE MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE.

Some Nigerian guys will be calling their girlfriends Queen but when the Queen asks for 10k the kingdom will scatter and Igwe will disappear

When money is involved some Nigerian Girls be like.. I love him, His ugliness is very matured

I know you all ooooo

Indian movies are so fake.

I danced in the market today but nobody joined me instead they tied me with a rope

If I die just Bury my phone with me because if you login and read my chat with girls.. you will feel like killing me.

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That moment the bus moved before you sit and you purposely stagger then place your hand on a girl breast

It’s my first time in court, and I heard the judge saying “order!!” and I replied Rice, Chicken and juice. Now two police officers are escorting me outside. I think we are going to the restaurant.

You claim say na rice and chicken with salad you chop but you dey vomit fufu with egusi soup. You be Merlin?


If you see a Nigerian guy opening the car for a girl, it’s either the car or the girl is new.


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