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8 Funny Jokes by Imojay – Laugh Out Loud

The moment I knew Nigeria was in trouble was when someone

stole his neighbour’s white goat and dyed it black,

only for the neighbour to say he recognized the goat by it’s smile


Now adays People will give their lives to Christ on Sunday and collect it back on Monday Morning.

I know ladies who have been 29 years old for 3 years. Aunty, are u afraid of 30?

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 Imagine the owner of Instagram decides to delete the app.

BOOM!!?? Just like that

Your modelling career is over….


Last night I did something terrible to mosquitoes, they will never forget.

I opened the windows and let them all inside then I closed the windows and slept outside.

it’s called confusing the enemy.

You can try it tonight


You call your boyfriend HONEY and now u are complaining other girls are disturbing him…

Who doesn’t like SWEET things???


some people can pretend ehnn


even if in the last day you see them in hell fire they will still tell you they came there to visit someone

Nigerian moms will shout at you for like 30 mins and end with

“I don’t even want to start shouting”

Did you just finish whispering?

Nigerians will not kill me, even in Russia. A Nigerian was caught soaking garri with snow, if I mention the tribe now

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