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Kotrell live in concert is the first of its kind. It has set a standard for subsequent shows in Bowen to follow. It is the first sold out show and the concert to be headlined by a Bowen student. The 7th of April is been considered by some as Bowen’s Super Saturday because it hosted two of its biggest shows which is KLIC and Bowen Got Talent.
Cottrell Antonopriya, a student of the Department of Economics took it on himself to hold his own show with the support of  brands like OmologoEnt, ArtofAde, Sisibola Mobile Kitchen, Cake & Ribbon, JoyceP,  and other honourable mentions. The show was hosted by everyone’s favourite Mc, ‘Black Mc’ alongside ‘The Esse Richards’.
The first act for the evening was Mccarious dance group. They gave a stunning performance and this performance further proved the essence of their BUCA nomination.
Sammie. J, a 2017 BGT finalist performed a mash up of popular songs. This performance showed the vocal ability of this new act but due to some technical issues, the performance did not turn out totally superb.
Kotrell first appearance for the evening made him perform few songs like the unreleased single, ‘calm down’. His Reggae/ Dancehall collaboration with Jimi Jang was likely one of the most sensational moments of the night. Jimi Jang showed his dominance on stage by performing his single, ‘E Go Be’.
There were other performances from instrumentalists and new acts like Ade Instrumentals and Vic. Black Mc used every opportunity to appreciate the event sponsors and guests. There was a cypher session featuring Veron, HybeeSolid and Deon. HybeeSolid stood solid with a high sense of confidence in his lyrical content. Veron is a definition of a freestyle artiste for his tricky rap lines and rhyme pattern.


Sammie. J performed for a second time but this time was with Kotrell. The acoustic beauty in this performance was so intriguing and pleasing to the soul. Kotrell went further to invite a new music act from his own department to show to the world. KLIC did not only aim at producing good music but it created an avenue to appreciate great individuals and brands in the school.
One of the biggest surprises of the evening was when Kotrell announced his feelings for a lady present but the surprise ended in a performance stunt to thrill the fans. Mallz appearance on the stage with Kotrell was a powerful one which raised so much expectation in the fans.
There was a grand unveiling of SisiBola Mobile Kitchen and Cake & Ribbons. HybeeSolid performing ‘Lorile’ talks on problems new acts face in Nigeria. HybeeSolid keeps on showing his great potentials with his swift evolution from being a new act to one of Bowen University’s finest. One of the rarest sounds for the night was delivered by Initial. His life performance of Rap/Highlife sound proved encouraging and interesting.
Mcarious music group was the last act to perform for the evening. The ‘Ire’ performance with Kotrell painted the picture of the Darey Art Alade- Soweto Choir ‘Pray for me’ single collaboration of 2015. There is still no doubt why the music group is considered Bowen’s best. This will probably be due to their organisation and composure.
If No Be You’ is widely considered as a gospel song, but Kotrell clarified the idea of the Gospel-Secular artiste classification. He declared himself as an artiste who makes good music that ends up acknowledging  God. He considers the definition of ‘Gospel artiste’ in the contemporary world as being vague. There was a lead solo from the music group with the song ‘Waited’ by Travis Greene as the last music to be performed.
During and after the good music showcase, there were refreshments by the cooking and catering services and a Dj turn up by Dj Raetor to wrap up the show.

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