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Easter Monday,
also known as Bright Monday, Renewal Monday, Wet Monday, and Dyngus Day, is the
Monday immediately after Easter Sunday. It is observed by many Christian
groups, but primarily by the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions. It
marks the beginning of Easter Week (Roman Catholic) / Bright Week (Eastern
cultures observe Easter Monday very differently. For some, Easter Monday is a
solemn remembrance of Christ’s death and resurrection marked by an outdoor
procession. For others, there are Easter egg-rolling competitions. For still
others, siblings and/or spouses wake each other up by pouring buckets of water
on each other (hence the name “Wet Monday”). And others celebrate with a large
gathering and a polka festival (Dingus Day).
Some of these
observances have more Christian symbolism in them than others, but none of them
are explicitly biblical. The Bible does not say anything about what happened on
Easter Monday, the day after Jesus’ resurrection. The Bible does not instruct
followers of Jesus Christ to observe Easter Monday, so there is no obligation
to celebrate it. As with many holidays, there is nothing wrong with observing
some cultural traditions, but it is important to not allow traditions to
detract from the message of the gospel.
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