The Headies award takes a new direction in 2018. It has been gaining more attention despite the disappointment faced when the event could not hold in March.  The nominations were released on April 13, 2018. Before I continue with the list review, I will commend this year’s award committee on their impartiality and professional instinct on ascertaining the nominees. This year’s nomination looks more improved from that of 2017.

Note that, this write up is not prepared to reduce the credibility of the artistes but to address certain defaults of the list for better improvement in the coming years.
The year in review for the nomination is from July, 2016 to December, 2017. One of the most important things for an award event is to strictly take the year in review into serious scrutiny and to pick works made during that period. ‘Kiltoris’ by Brymo was released officially on the 9th of May, 2016. Moreover, a track off the album, ‘Something good is happening’ was nominated in 2016 for best recording best vocal (male) of the year and best alternative song. The issue may seem minor but can cause lot of controversy from fans and music critics. To make things worse, ‘Klitoris’ album was nominated for best Pop/RnB at the 2016 edition. Should we call this an error or an overlook?
Even the Headies award or most music outlets have not been able to critically decipher what ‘Alternative songs’ sound like. It seems any song put on airplay with the slow vibe is an alternative music. Some in Nigeria music entertainment consider it as music outside the regular pop sound. ‘Ponmile’ by Reminise does not have much of the alternative sound effect. ‘Ponmile’ has more of RnB elements. There has been much of the Alternative-RnB fusion that falls outside the Nigerian mainstream market and has been gaining wider recognition.