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Welcome to My Woven Words! You are on your path to discovering how to prepare a mouth-licking, palatable recipe… You can and will prepare a sensational Banga Soup just by following simple steps.

Delta banga soup is best served with starch or eba.
This is unlike the other banga stew that is native to the Igbos and popularly
served with white boiled rice or yam.


This Banga soup is indigenous
to the Deltans but also loved and enjoyed by both People from Edo state and all
of the Niger Delta.
This is not banga stew but they are both made with similar ingredients.
Banga stew is native to the Igbos and usually served with boiled white rice.
While banga soup (as in this case) goes with starch, eba or fufu.

The two are prepared the exact same way; the difference is just the
spices. This recipe will, in the next few minutes shows you exactly how to make
banga soup like an itsekiri woman.
You can use any combination of meat for this soup or just use plain red
meat; I used a combination of cow head, foot and red meat.
Ingredients | Serving: 12 Persons.
Meat (1kg)
Crayfish (half cup)
Fresh prawn [oporo](one cup)
Fresh Palm Fruits (Banga) (8 cups)
Medium sized dry fish / smoked fish (1)
scotch bonnet pepper “Ata rodo” (8)
Ataiko (1 tbsp)
Irugege (1 teaspoon)
Oburunbebe Stick (Banga stick) (1)
Dried Beletientien leaves (half cup) or
Thinly sliced bitter leaves (half cup)
3 cubes of knorr
Periwinkles (1)
Salt to taste.
These are banga seeds (Mpuru akwu) they are the major ingredients for making
this soup. Akwu is very abundant in Nigerian.
These are pictures of some of the ingredients for this Itsekiri soup. All of
these spices and ingredients can be purchased from any Nigerian local market.
For the spices and banga stick, ask those women that sell traditional roots and
herbs like zobo leaves and dogoyaro.


You should use crushed dried beletientien leaves, also called atama leaf
in Efik or thinly sliced bitter leaves.
Start by grinding the spices. Add them all together (ataiko, Irugege and a
cup of crayfish), blend to powder. Blend the pepper also. Wash the dried or
smoked fish and remove center bones.
wash and precook the prawn, use half cup of water, a cube of maggi and a
pinch of salt.
I used already precooked meats. If your meat is not precooked yet, do that
now. Wash properly and use two cubes of knorr and a pinch of salt. Cook the
meat until it becomes soft, easy to chew and the water is almost dried. Add
salt to taste and allow another three minutes. Set aside.
Boil the palm fruit for 20 minutes, pound with a mortar and pestle,
transfer into a bowl, add water and extract the juice. You will need about 7-10
cups of that palm fruit juice for this cooking. It should be thick.
Use a sieve to strain the extract into your cooking pot, allow to boil for
15 minutes with the pot half-covered. It should be a lot thicker now.
Add the cleaned dried fish, ground (crayfish, ataiko plus irugege),
oburunbebe stick, precooked meat, ground pepper and salt to taste. Cover and
allow another 10 minutes.
Add the crushed dried beletientien leaves or thinly sliced bitter leaves,
precooked prawn, periwinkles and one cube of knorr. Stir, cover and allow to
simmer for 3 minutes. This is how to make the popular banga soup that is loved
and made by the Deltans.
Serve with starch, eba or fufu.
This is Delta state native soup.


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