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It’s all
about Oreoluwa Babayeju… Sanc best cord ever, LOL Ilori if you are seeing this
no vex, but anyways she has been a good cord… hmmm she is one loving and caring
person like that but I can’t forget d aspect of her eyes (look). Sometimes
those eyes transfers info better than word. She just raps up like 20mins talk
in a look; well I’m used to the look anyways. LOL.
The first
time I noticed this our present sanc president was when Ilori (Daddy himself)
showed her to me from a distance just to inform me that she’s the next sanc
cord and then I was like “where is she coming from” but we’ve been cool even
though I didn’t like her at first but she has been the best.

To the
best sanc cord I know (Ilori no vex oooh) and then to our mother, sister,
aunty, daughter, doctor….
Birthday ma. My wishes are unlimited so I will just rap them up by saying I wish
you the very best. Pray that you live to see more years in Jesus name.

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