Have called you out here today
Don’t stop me until am through
Have got so many things to say
Hurting is what I hate to do.
I felt you where everything
My stars, beginning and end
Now I cry like Paddington
For hate found in a friend.
Saw the world through your eyes
And your sweetness I spoke about
But your words are full of lies
And your love staged in doubt.
I gave you the whole of me shown
Didn’t keep a piece behind
But yours decoyed, un-shown
Wish my heart would rewind.
Still hear those promises made
Through the ears of my heart
But how does memories fade
Your deeds are setting us apart.
Eyes captured by fallen tears
How would i  fooled being kissed
Love and trust are my fears
My sanity I have so missed.
Am tired of saying I love you
Those words no longer bosom
Wish not to hurt you like you
And so I pray you blossom.
I wish I never had met you
And I never took a glance
I wish I never had dated you
Like music to a trilling dance.
I wish I never had to feel
Those emotions in  beauty
You are nothing but unreal
Your illusions took my sanity.
I know you found another guy
The one you so left me for
I hope you don’t have to cry
Like me today and before.
But he will break you in fold
With the price of pains caused me
He will deceive you with gold
And desert you like you did to me.
It’s Better to go separate ways
Where the rays can’t find us
I stay confused and amaze
Knowing  their will be no us.
When you leave don’t look back
Will forgive but won’t forget
The mornings you turned dark
And my heart in deep regret
I know he could pay your fees
And everything money can buy
But until then let’s just kiss
And say, and say goodbye!
Written by: Ikoromasoma, Emmanuel.
Ikoros Mindset: All that glisters are not gold and not all those who wonder are lost!.
About Me
I am from Rivers State and a native of Okirika. I attended New Era
Brilliant College Borikiri, graduated of Rivers State University Port Harcourt
were i studied Office and Information Management. I did a certificate program
in Uniport in the Department of Theatre and film Studies. I love writing,
dancing, and sport. I fell in love with poetry in my secondary school days and
ever since poetry has changed my life. 
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