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One green faithful afternoon
I and Adiele visited the club
To starve stress and feed the eyes
With dance and stripping thighs
It was fun and comely seeing
Pants and boxers dance to rhythm
Like debris to a dust devil
Held high at an unusual level
Just about leaving the door
He saw beauty haven’t before.
He gazed gallantly into her eyes
Confused wondering who she was
Stood their like a man on duty
Staring at the panorama of beauty.
Dragged him home without his mind
Forgotten on the ivory of her skin
He Asked, if I saw, what he saw
Close to the club’s exit door
Beauty is of the eyes not the heart
But the eyes drags it to the heart.
He slept  all day thinking of her
Like a baby whose breast feeding
Mother was killed by a pelting rain
But always wish could see her again.
And when asked by his sister
Who is this, you speak about?
He said staring at Charcoal’s bulb
It was a fortnight at the Orb Club
Where I saw beauty in itself
I doubt if its real myself
But she was standing just there
Like an Italian snow deer.
Her lips so soft  as the petals
Of a Tulip flower by the lake
Her skin radiates, with eyes
Glistering like the sea in ice.
Iroko is nothing compared to her
As she outshines the Raven’s Tower
Her strides peacefully made
Out of the mysteries of mermaid
With voice so sweet and attractive
And shape so nice and seductive.
Her breast succulent and standing
Unintended to sit but pointing
With smiles as cute as centurion
It places you in deep oblivion
I could die everyday and night
Just for her to smile and live
But on meeting the girl he has seen
He realised it was just a dream!
Written by: Ikoromasoma, Emmanuel

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I am from Rivers State and a native of Okirika. I attended New Era
Brilliant College Borikiri, graduated of Rivers State University Port Harcourt
were i studied Office and Information Management. I did a certificate program
in Uniport in the Department of Theatre and film Studies. I love writing,
dancing, and sport. I fell in love with poetry in my secondary school days and
ever since poetry has changed my life. 
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