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See her dressed in white 
Garment designed with flower
With toothsome smiles delight
Coined in intellectual power.
Always admired  from afar
Seeing men stumbled by
How sweet and attractive you’ re
Like the colours in a dye.
Mary Jane Unique is thy name
Men wrestles to take a kiss
As inhaling  chimney flames
Brings them lasting peace.
She comes with anxiety and euphoria
When touched and being laid
She places thee in utopia
Gallant, strong and undismayed.
She makes thee calm and thoughtful
As her fume serenades the air
Cute, nice and wonderful
Entrapped in soothing flare.
Shall I compare thee to weed?
Thou heals the should and mind
Thou art nothing but good seed
And thy feelings is so kind.
I’ll love thee any day, anywhere
Than what MARI and JUANA had
I’ll kiss thee to the clouds without fear
Thou maketh me free and un-sad.
She connects thee to the cloud
And enhances thy horizon
And thine thinking is enshroud
With light like sun’s horizon.
If thou where to be  drugs
Would have been my fav pills
As it anesthetically rubs
Off my pains to the hills.
Like a party without music
Is a day without you
Feels so depressed and sick
Without a drag or a chew.
I saw the world differently
From all corners of life
I had her touched fervently
Had wished thou est my wife.
Marry Jane is beautiful and caring
Professed by men from all race
She is just, nice and daring
Thank God for this grace.
Written by: Ikoromasoma, Emmanuel
Ikoros mindset: Mary Jane is Healthy.
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I am from Rivers State and a native of Okirika. I attended New Era
Brilliant College Borikiri, graduated of Rivers State University Port Harcourt
were i studied Office and Information Management. I did a certificate program
in Uniport in the Department of Theatre and film Studies. I love writing,
dancing, and sport. I fell in love with poetry in my secondary school days and
ever since poetry has changed my life. 
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