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As widely known the ants are one of the tiniest creature created. But isn’t it wonderful that something so small could teach us some pretty big lessons
The Ants are of different species but one thing among them is common among them.
The Ants are hard-working creatures if they are not the most hard-working they’d be second in line? This quality amongst the ant makes survival throughout the year and their life pretty simple. If there’s anything I’ve learnt from this little guys it’s to be hardworking.
  Another quality amongst the ants that is common among most animals especially the Horses in my last publication is HIERARCHY
The Ants have levels of authority and order among them? isn’t that great to learn that such little creatures with tiny brains if there’s any? can be so organized.
I was once on a nature photography job and I realized something in the course of me taking pictures:

  1.  The Ants have the builders that take care of their houses if their abode can be called houses?
  2. They have the labourers? this set of guys are responsible for going out to search for food an bringing them to their store house where they will meet the FOREMAN
  3. The Foreman as above are at the store house ready to accept the food brought by the labourers. They give to the labourers working in the storehouse and the ones in search for food proceed out again? yes again. They never get tired so this ensures they have food throughout the season’s.
  4. THE ROYALS: If you observe the ant world closely? You’ll see that they are the big boys  they call the shots and organize the boys. How they are chosen I don’t know? I’m not an an ?. If Mywovenwords.com were to be the ant world.  Johnson will be a ROYALE?
By Victor.A. Afolabi

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