Unique and organize like a deli.       I
Blissful, eligant, cute and jovial.       L 
Invaluable, wish I met you ago.       O
Like the 80’s when I found luv.         V
Exuberant, calm like a dove.            E
David Ubile, you re but white ivy.      Y
Amidst the cluster of mango.            O
Vividly placed, unique art thou.         U
Intelligent with a loving heart.           T
Delight and meek in every no.          O
Happy birthday Ubile my light.          T
Age with grace dear today 25th.       H
Priceless you re a picturesque.         E
Palatable to Vinci, Artistic Elf.           F
You re an Angel and you re you.       U
Beautiful and glistering like jewel.     L
Icall thee the ink from my quill.          L
Resounding like the letters in Ubile.  E
Tell me beauty that’s peerless.          S 
How and what would you want.         T
Day being your birthday throb.           B
An Ornament, cake, pizza.                 A
Yatch which of these my Pomme?     E
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