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Outside the shores of
this land there are benefits attached to unemployment but not without an
argument. However it is, it makes sense. Here the only benefit attached to
unemployment is being unemployed.
My Country is the best
in the Continent where our Head is a tourist, and ministers follow suit, where
State Government build houses endlessly and places its subjects in a state of
fantasy. Where Local Government Heads create wonderful world with mere words
and most especially our Graduates and Youths are ‘the unemployed working
class’. How rational it is for a state of being unemployed is a benefit in
itself! No Wonder we are Giants of clay feet.
Jobs, No jobs, where
is Job? You mean Steve Job? No, I mean Job, oh here it is,  in the pocket
of our leaders but how do you get it when their pocket smells greatly of
Nepotism and Favouritism. Even those talented seeks empowerment yet it takes
too long like the word Antidisestablishmentarianism. But does this mean we will
starve ? No!
But then that was when
life did made sense. Before the advent of Industrial Revolution, the old
Puritanical Concept of Work was ” He who does not work shall not
eat”. And it made sense because there was more work than people willing to
do it. Today, the reverse is the case where there are people willing to work
but no jobs. Now the Political Concept of Work is” He who is a graduate,
he who does not know somebody and can not stain his hands shall not eat”.
Does it make sense to you? I will leave you to decide.
Where are our
Parent’s? Let then come, let them come and show us the job they spoke about
when they said, go to school and so we went to school believing their are jobs after
school only to find out their is another school called ‘Experience’ which we
will spend more years to do than those years spent in school. Why would the
Government, Company, and Firms tell us we need 10 to 20 years experience to
apply for a Job? And I begin to ask myself if there are actual plans for us
because, obviously I think they should also specify the jobs are for
A man willing to work
and unable to find work according to Thomas Carlyle is perhaps the saddest
sight that fortune’s inequality exhibit under the sun. Where are the Jobs you
created? Is it that they are invincible or we just can’t see them because of
the cloak it wears to shade off those qualified for it. Oh I wish you
understand the only thing worse than death is unemployment. Who do you run to?
The Government or God? Am sure not the Government because they are the
etymology of what we suffer today. Gone are those days when being graduates
made sense, now we are nothing but a piece of rotten rations at the bottom of
the scale of class. So how do you want the country to grow? But don’t mistake
growth for movement.

It touched me to my
soul , when Dad said  ” the hardest work in the world is being out of
work “. Now I understand how he struggled to make ends meet. Shakespeare
wasn’t mistaken when he said ” you take my life when you take means
whereby I live”. You see them in their fleet buying cars for those already
in affluence, you see them building statues, you see them  spend money on
worthless things, yet one man will stay up there and say; I am fighting
corruption! When I know corruption is the blood that runs in his vein and you
begin to wonder if they have plans for us as they seem not to understand human
investment is capital intensive.
Sometimes I laugh when
they say entrepreneurship and so I ask what is an Idea without money to fund
it? It is nothing but a bunch of sand swept under the carpet. To fund that idea
you need money, to get money you need to spend money, to spend money you need
to have money and to have money you need a job not without job. And so ideas
die off like a plant not nurtured. So are we growing or just moving? I guess we
are moving in a straight line but reverse like Fela Kuti said.

Jobs where are the
jobs? Graduates and youths here and above, dead or alive I know you can hear me
and you can read this, I don’t blame most of you in crime and arms,  even
beggars are no longer given alms. But I blame the trust we gave this leaders
and how it has been robbed of loyalty and truth. Not until the Government
decide to spread its wings across by creating jobs, investment on young ideas
and depriving itself from Nepotism the country will know no Growth Rather it
will continue to move in REVERSE.

Written by: Ikoromasoma,Emmanuel
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I am from Rivers State and a native of Okirika. I attended New Era
Brilliant College Borikiri, graduated of Rivers State University Port Harcourt
were i studied Office and Information Management. I did a certificate program
in Uniport in the Department of Theatre and film Studies. I love writing,
dancing, and sport. I fell in love with poetry in my secondary school days and
ever since poetry has changed my life. 
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