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My name is Kyau, meaning beautiful.
I don’t see why my parents named me such.
I don’t see the beauty in me.
My tribal marks looks like they were drawn out of anger,
I can’t even place a shape for my head.
My nose looks like they have been stepped on a thousand times.
Let’s not even talk about my body shape.
I’ve heard most African names are given according to situations surrounding birth.
if that’s the case, then why am I called Kyau?
Students at school make fun of me. …….
They keep saying my parents named me based on there hopes.
The guys at school never gives me a second glance.
It’s more like I’m invisible.
I’m like an artwork done based on frustration.
Whenever I try asking my parents the reason for my name
They would always say
“To us, you’re beautiful. Don’t listen to what others have to say “
But then…..
How do you expect me to turn a blind eyes and pretend to be deaf.
Why would God create a person to look like the way I do.By Janna Onyemaobi

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 I’m a writer, and I draw sometimes. I’m currently studying physiology in the college of medicine, University of Lagos.
Age: 18 (August 13th 1999)
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