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It has been revealed that popular online comedian Agun Oluwaseun aka Ogbeni Adan was stabbed last Saturday, in Iwo, Osun State, by hoodlums.
The comedian manager, Oluwatosin Ojo said that he and Ogbeni Adan were shooting a new movie when the unfortunate incident occurred.
“Ogbeni Adan was only trying to stop a fight between two persons: a guy by the name Wale, who was in a fight with another guy and was trying to stab him with a broken bottle,” he said
Speak further, he said that the comedian and some other persons tried to intervene when The aggressor diverted his anger and stabbed him on the head. He narrated that he would have done more damage when he pushed Ogbeni Adan against the wall, if not for the intervention of other people on ground.
“The Irony if the whole scenario was the guy, when he came in, greeted the comedian, it was not like there was any issue between them that would have resulted to such violent act,” he added
It has also been revealed that Adan’s team might not be dropping skits for the next few days.
A post from the comedian instagram page posted on Sunday 10th of December 2017 reads: “around this time yesterday @ogbeni_adan1 was stabbed by some hoodlums. Thank God for life as he’s getting better. Please bear with us, we might not drop skits for the next few days. You can reach his manager on 09072081890 thanks”

Ogbeni Adan is our personal person, we admire his dedication and admire his rare talent, Ogbeni Adan is hardworking and consistent. Despite what happened recently, another comedy skit was released on his instagram page yesterday evening (12hrs ago) with the caption: “Pressing laptop in an African Home” visit his instagram page now and laugh out loud.


Agun Oluwaseun is like a candle ignited by God, nothing extinguishes such a candle. The prayers of each team member of My Woven Words is with you…


Special credits to: “THE NATION” and My Woven Words Team members

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