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           The winner of the 2017 Bowen beauty pageant, Miss Oluwatobi Oladapo, a two hundred level accounting student spoke with Abimbola Ajewole and Godiya Sabo on her life before, during and after becoming Miss Bowen 2017.

Tell us more about yourself.
I am from Ibadan, Oyo state. I am the second of four children. I reside in Ajah, Lagos state.

 How do feel being the winner of the just concluded Miss Bowen beauty pageant?
 I feel great and on the scale of 1 to 5, I will say five.  I was not expecting to be the winner. Even the organizer told me that I was the least person he was expecting to win. He said when they called my name he had to check the score sheet and re- calculate out of shock.

 How much effort did you put into this contest actually?
 Actually, on the day of the finals I was not feeling too well. I was even admitted earlier so I did not put so much effort. I just prayed for God’s assistance.

 At the beginning of the contest when all the contestants were called for screening and you saw the other contestants what was on your mind?
I actually had confidence in myself and was determined not to be intimidated or even give up.

For how long have you had this passion for modeling or you just wanted to give it a try when you saw the opportunity considering your stature?
Well, I have actually had the passion for a very long time and I have the stature too but I won’t say the stature is the only reason. I love the runway.

Have you participated in any other beauty pageant contest before?
 Hmmm, no actually but I wanted to at a particular time but it was almost the same time I was to resume to Bowen university so I could not.

 Who is the model you wish to be like someday or even be better than.
 Well, I actually have more than one and one of them is Bianca Onoh. She won most beautiful girl in Nigeria (MBGN) of the year 1988. She is not just a model but also an entrepreneur. I also like Kylie Jenner. I like Kendall Jenner too.

What is your next target now that you have won the Miss Bowen beauty pageant or will you just stop here?
Actually, I just got a slot to contest for Miss campus Osun state beauty pageant and I think I am going  but I have not made up my mind.

Why have you not made up your mind yet? What exactly is stopping you?
 Well my academic is stopping me. I do not want my CGPA to be affected although I know I have to balance the both.

How do you intend to balance both?
 By God’s grace.

Who is that one person that motivated you all through the contest?
 Her name is Tosin and she was the one that actually introduced me into the contest.

Any moment all through the contest that you will say was your saddest moment?
 Hmm, things did not turn out as planned. My clothes were not ready on time and I was ill so I got admitted at the clinic which led to me missing a meeting for all the contestants. When I was discharged and got to my room, my roommates told me to give up because of the way I was looking but something in me told me not too. So I prayed and told God to help me.

 Were your parents aware of your plan to go for the contest?
 I told my mum only but when I won, I told my dad and he was happy.

 Who was your makeup artist all through the contest and who got your dresses?
Olamide who is my roommate and also a 300 level student of Bowen University was my makeup artist and my cousin got my dress for me. Her name is Efemena Momoh.

 Since you won what are the changes that have occurred socially?
 My followers on Instagram have increased, my friends have also increased.

Are you in any unit in the chapel?
 Yes, I’m in drama unit.

What are some of the roles you have played as a drama member?
Well, I have played only one role and it was not even a major role. I played the role of one of the law students that were eating in the cafeteria in a drama we acted in chapel on a Wednesday.

 Has any of the prizes, rewards and benefits promised to the winner been fulfilled? 
 Hmm, not yet but I was told that they will start fulfilling them second semester and that my cash is intact although I have not been given yet. 

What are your hobbies?
 I love watching television and my favorite channels are zee world, CNN, BBC,E entertainment, Nickoledeon,Disney junior and I also love playing games.

What is your best food?
I actually don’t have a particular best food; anything goes but let me just go for amala and ewedu.

What is the name of your best car?
 I love Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Bugatti.

What is the name of your best designer for bags?
 I love coco channel.

What is the name of your best designer for shoes?
 I love atmosphere.

Which country will you love to travel too presently?
Ahh, they are so many. I want U.S.A, Paris, Italy and many others too.
Which state do you love most in Nigeria?
 I love Delta.

 In the next ten to twenty years where and what do you see you self becoming?
 A philanthropist, I should be married by then also, a great woman, a chartered accountant and a woman that would have achieved so much in her modeling career.

Which church do you attend?
 I attend the redeemed church of God.

What is your best scripture of the Bible?
 Psalms 23

What is your plan for Bowen University?
I intend to reduce the price of food, and provide necessary facilities in any way possible I can.

So what’s your advice for
My advice is that please do not give up.



Miss Tobi Oladapo with Sabo Godiya

 Ajewole Abimbola, Sabo Godiya, Miss Bowen and Johnson Jakins


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