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             Let me start by explaining a major thing about alternative sound in Nigeria. It is a style of music that is majorly sung by artists like Asa, Boj, Bez, Simi and few honourable mentions. It has gone mainstream in Nigeria but not gaining much recognition from listeners. This album has been convincingly able to fuse alternative sound with rap music to make a unique sound. What actually draws my attention particularly is the track structure and great story telling. One major fear I just have on this album is its commercial success.
In terms of production, there has been this sort of great chemistry between Studio Magic and Ajebutter over the years. Studio Magic did the production of all the tracks except ‘’Rich friends’’ and ‘’Wayward’’. Few others added to the production of the album. Collaborating artiste such as Dremo, Falz, M.I, Maleek Berry and few other artists.
Going deep into the album analysis; the artist creates a form of climax from being a newbie to a grown up; from being a hustler to a successful individual. The use of spoken words as a source of inspiration to listeners cannot be undermined. The tracks on the album clearly paint a clearer picture of the title. ‘’4am’’ with Dremo is definitely one of my favourite tracks. These artists went so real and every single line sounds so relatable because this is exactly what happens to every hardworker who seeks for a fruitful day.
Ajebutter goes a bit angry on ‘’Dollar ti Won’’ and complains about the economic situation of the nation and how it Has affected those aspiring for greatness. In this same track, he complains and admonishes those affected by this situation.

 ‘’Rich friends’’, ‘’Bad gangs’’, ‘’We are bad boys’’, ‘’Waywards’’; these tracks focuses more on peer group influence. Ajebutter make these tracks more of the playful type but gives elements of truth. He does not give the good or bad side of some of peer group attitude but he clearly depicts activities they involve in.
The 2nd half of the album shifts from his own views to things generally believed by some individuals in the society. ‘’Yoruba boys trilogy’’, ‘’Anything for the boys’’, ‘’Lifestyle’’ addresses issues concerning love affairs among youths and wrong conception of boys among girls.
The last three tracks on the album is a height everyone wants to get to. A status where your hard work pays off and you are being called a ‘’Biggie man’’ and a ‘’Lagos big boy’’ with a ‘’Happy ending’’.

By Ogunleye Oluwakorede
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