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With so much anticipation, I walked briskly towards the building staring intensely at it, imaginations of what it was going to look like ran through my mind as I remembered all the comments I’ve heard about it. After about a thousand of imagined pictures on how the place might look like, I stopped abruptly and then realized I was just halfway there. “This building is damn far” I thought but concluded not to give up. I continued but this time around, with a faster pace. I didn’t want to miss my choir rehearsal for just sight seeing.
Phew! I sighted on getting to the entrance of the building. Wiping the sweat off my face, I took a quick glance at the outer building and saw the attractiveness; “a building this nice on the outside would definitely be mind blowing on the inside”, I thought
 I was obviously anxious judging from My heart rate as I tried taking a step into the building. Every effort to calm myself down seemed fruitless as my brain and heart won’t listen. Giving up, I walked fearfully bold into the building. Behold! The crowd and noise that welcome me left me aback. With mouth slightly opened and head moving in a slow motion, I looked around and then I saw the high beaming ceilings and the eclectic decor which worked wonders for the ambience. The inside area looked warm as the walls were built with bricks. Dustbins situated in various corners with simple chairs and covered tables all around.
Unsatisfied with what I had seen, I hungered and thirst for a more intense assessment, so I took a stroll around. I noticed the very neat and beautifully tiled toilets for both males and females. Nobody even noticed me as I walked aimlessly around but I was not bothered because I came to feed my eyes as they came for another type of feeding. All along, as I strolled round aimlessly, different aromas also strolled around aimlessly. It was as if the aromas were competing with me but this competition didn’t last because I had to stop my aimless strolling and quickly traced where these breathtaking aromas were coming from. This led me to were most people were standing as I tried forcing my way as tiny as I am to see the producers of these aromas. And behold! Arranged in front of me were about seven(7) big containers with different varieties of deliciously looking meals in them. With my eyes widely opened, the aroma from these meals came out with full force and began to drag me as all I wished for was to carry all the seven containers to My hostel but immediately I laughed because I knew I was a big joker. Not even because of the amount I would spend but with all the hungry looking faces staring at those same containers. So if I try any nonsense, they will not even hesitate to bundle me and fling my tiny self out through the back door.

So I quickly murdered those selfish thoughts as I passed my little plate for the little portion that fits my stature and leave the bigger portion for their meant owners.
   Packing my little portion into my bag, I walked swiftly towards the entrance because I was almost running late for choir rehearsal. Almost stepping out, I took a final glance at the inner building and I knew for sure that Bowen Baptist Student Fellowship cafeteria has come to stay. Immediately, I grinned as I took an unexpected race out of the cafeteria towards the bus park holding my bag to support my food as I murmured to myself: “I mustn’t be late for my choir rehearsal”


By Abimbola Ajewole

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I’m Abimbola Ajewole. An undergraduate student in Bowen
university from the department of Mass Communication. Always feel free to
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