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Saturday, 18th
and Sunday, 19th of November 18, 2017 will forever be one of those
ever remarkably memorable moment for all Bowenites, as Solomon Lange was live
in Bowen University, Iwo Osun State.
Friday, 17th
of November was a day Bowenites waited long in anticipation as it was the day
Solomon Lange was supposed to start his ministration on Campus, but he couldn’t
make it to Iwo on Friday. God works in miraculous ways, despite the absence of
Solomon Lange on Friday, !7th of November, there was an outburst of
Holy Spirit as God used Ayodeji Ogunko (Black MC) in leading the praise in worship. Despite the absence of Solomon Lange, it was a great success.
Saturday, 18th
of November was another great success. Tobi Jonathan (Jojo) led the praise in worship from the commencement of the program (around 5pm). Jonathan, a very talented chorister, led for almost an hour in his usual indigenous ways
that always activate an atmosphere of joyous dance. Someone beside me was already saying
maybe Solomon Lanke is not coming again when he stepped on the alter with Rev.
Dr. Ayuba. Bowenites Cheered and clapped to welcome the long anticipated
minister as Rev. Dr. Ayuba stood on the pulpit to formerly introduce Solomon
When the
minister of God Most High stepped out to minister, his efficacies was as expected, he spoke
about how much he loves Bowen University, he continued by saying: “My daughter
must come to this school!” When he started his ministration, I remember a
saying in Yoruba that: “Alufa s’oro, ojo ku, o l’olorun se’leri oun” (“As the
cleric was talking, the rain prepared to fall, he said God has acted as my
witness”) because that was exactly what happened as Solomon Lange started
ministering. For like two months, there hasn’t been rainfall in Iwo but rain
started falling as he was leading the whole cross-shaped Bowen Chapel in joyous
songs and dance. The atmosphere reached its “apex” as the man of God praised in worship with the song: “We’ll rise, in your name, ADONAI, Your reign…”

 Sunday, 19th of November 2017 was the apex of apexes, When Solomon Lanke was invited to come and minister, as he was talking, what came to my mind was: “Days should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom. But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the almighty giveth them understanding”(Job 31:7-8 KJV). He said we can be the best in our area of profession if we can make our heart available to God. He encouraged us by telling us how he rose from nothing to be a well known reputable man of God(You can read more about him below). He also said Bowen University is the best University he has even ministered so far.
Solomon Lange is what I’ll describe as an astute and dynamic gospel musician, despite being an Hausa man, his ability to sing in Igbo, Yoruba and other languages fluently is an impeccable feat which I admire. He started by singing: “Nobody like you, lord Jesus, Nobody like you”. He sang the Yoruba version simultaneously: “ko seni bi re, Oluwa, ko seni bi re”.
In his crew were Abel from Kaduna and Sade Adeyemi from Kwara State. Both of them also sang in an amazingly remarkable way that propelled almost every Bowenite to stand up and dance to the front in response. In conclusion, he praised in worship with: “Doh oghene doh”.
 It was an experience like no other, the one like when Pastor Philip Adika came to Bowen University earlier this year

Solomon Lange is a gospel artiste, songwriter, passionate and
anointed minister of the gospel. Born and raised in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He grew up in a very remotely unpopular village where he had to trek 7miles everyday of his secondary school days. He struggled and sent himself to Polytechnic. While in Polytechnic, apart from feeding and paying his own school fees, he was also supporting his family financially.

started singing at age 9 in his local village Baptist Church choir but came
into music professionally in 1997 when he joined a group called Kale Visions in
He is a well known Gospel Musician both in Nigeria and abroad. He has traveled to five different continent.

Solomon Lange is happily married to Flora and God blessed their union with a beautiful and dazzling girl, Sheena.
Visit his website for more details about him:

Are you a Bowenite?
Are you a fan of Solomon Lange?
Were you present when all this happened?
Do you believe in the anointing of Solomon Lange?
Do you have a testimony?
Did God heal you or did a miracle during the program?
Do you believe that God has blessed you during the just concluded program?

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