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Words cant actually describe her but i will try
I discovered her in great discovery 2017, and she will
never stop repeating the topic anytym i ask anytin thats goes in line with the
topic “THE SPIRIT OF ADOPTION” but she likest the the translation in
yoruba “EMI ISODOMO” .

SIMI, her smile is so contagious to the extent that
you find yourself smiling not matter whats going on in your head. She is one
gentle looking girl like that but i know she wil be very playful thou.

Yeah she is the
present Evangelism cordinator of the BBSF ( Iya Mission). Trust me she will be
a good missionary even thou i havent seen her on mission field before because
she has all the attribute of a good missionary , is patience,
kindness,gentleness,love,peace or what do you wanna talk about.
As you celebrate
another year, i pray that the Almighty God (Abba Father) celebrate you and
grant your heart desires.


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